The Ultimate Tyler Perry Quiz
by Staff
You might know he's friends with Oprah and created the hilarious character Madea. But what else do know about superstar Tyler Perry?

Where was Tyler Perry born?

  • New Orleans
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago

What character is Tyler Perry most famous for creating?

  • Madea
  • Mama
  • Ella

Who prompted Tyler Perry to keep a diary of his daily thoughts and experiences?

  • Dr. Phil
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Eddie Murphy

What was the name of Tyler Perry's 1992 musical?

  • "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"
  • "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"
  • "I Know I’ve Been Changed"

How did Tyler Perry's luck change in 1998?

  • He was booked on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • His musical "I Know I've Been Changed" was booked at a local theater.
  • He signed a contract for his first full-length film.

When did Tyler Perry’s first feature film, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," debut?

  • 2001
  • 2005
  • 2009

What 2012 movie did Tyler Perry star in with Matthew Fox and Rachel Nichols?

  • "Alex Cross"
  • "Django Unchained"
  • "Cloud Atlas"

In 2006, what two awards did Tyler Perry's debut book, "Don’t Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries On Life And Love," receive?

  • National Book Award for Nonfiction and PEN Literary Award
  • Orion Book Award and African American Literary Award
  • Quill Book Awards for both "Humor" and "Book of the Year"

What 2014 box office hit did Tyler Perry play opposite Ben Affleck?

  • "Gone Girl"
  • "The Town"
  • "Argo"

How many stage plays has Tyler Perry written, produced and directed in his career to date?

  • 20
  • 18
  • 9

What award did Tyler Perry receive for his role as Tanner Bolt in "Gone Girl?"

  • African-American Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor

In mid-2015, Tyler Perry bought what property to become the future home of Tyler Perry Studios?

  • Fort McPherson Army Base
  • Harpo Studios
  • 200 acres in the northern Atlanta suburbs

What network does Tyler Perry produce his four series, "For Better Or Worse," "The Haves And Have Nots," "Love Thy Neighbor" and "If Loving You Is Wrong," for?

  • Bravo
  • TBS
  • OWN

In case you're in the market for an estate, Tyler Perry has one listed for sale for $25 million in what city?

  • Atlanta
  • Beverly Hills
  • New York

What is the name of Tyler Perry's television drama set in Savannah, Georgia?

  • "The Haves and the Have Nots"
  • "Love Thy Neighbor"
  • "If Loving You Is Wrong"

In September 2015, what milestone did Tyler Perry's drama "The Haves And The Have Nots hit?"

  • Perry made a cameo appearance
  • most watched episode ever
  • 100th episode

What live musical event is Tyler Perry hosting on Fox on March 20, 2016?

  • "The Passion"
  • "Sister Act"
  • "Rock of Ages"

Which of Tyler Perry's stage plays was the first to introduce his famous character Madea?

  • "I Know I've Been Changed"
  • "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"
  • "I Can Do Bad All by Myself"

Tyler Perry's debut film, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," was a box office hit. How much did the movie gross opening weekend?

  • $21 million
  • $19 million
  • $17 million

Which of Tyler Perry's television series has Madea NOT appeared in?

  • "The Haves and the Have Nots"
  • "Meet the Browns"
  • "House of Payne"

Tyler Perry and his longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele had their first child together in December of 2014. What is his name?

  • Aman Tyler
  • Tyler Bekele
  • Tyler Emmitt

What was Tyler Perry's birth name?

  • Emmitt Perry Jr.
  • Tyler Emmitt Perry
  • Tyler Aman Perry

Tyler Perry's second stage play, "Woman Thou Art Loosed," is based on a book written by whom?

  • Sapphire
  • T.D. Jakes
  • Toni Morrison

What Hollywood star has NOT appeared in a Tyler Perry film?

  • Octavia Spencer
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Sophia Vergara

What famed film director, producer, writer and actor has referred to Tyler Perry's projects as "coonery" and "buffoonery?"

  • Spike Lee
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Ava DuVernay

How many years did "House of Payne" run on TBS?

  • 8
  • 6
  • 5

"House of Payne" has aired more episodes than any other television series with a predominantly African-American cast, surpassing what show(s)?

  • "The Jeffersons" and "The Cosby Show"
  • "The Jeffersons" and "Sanford & Son"
  • "The Cosby Show" and "Good Times"

What is Madea's full name?

  • Mabel "Madea" Simmons
  • Madea Simmons
  • Mabelina "Madea" Simmons

What is the name of Tyler Perry's 2015 animated comedy film directed by Frank Marino and written by Matt Fleckenstein starring Perry as the voice of Madea?

  • "Madea's Tough Love"
  • "Madea's on My Side"
  • "Madea: Diary of a Cartoon Woman"