Stretch Marks Quiz
by Staff
No one wants stretch marks, but how to do you prevent this common skin issue? Take our quiz to learn how to prevent and remove stretch marks.

The medical term for stretch marks is:

  • Atrial
  • Aorta
  • Striae

Does either the color or texture of stretch marks fade with time?

  • The color fades but the texture does not.
  • The texture fades but the color does not.
  • The color and texture fade.

Stretch marks require medical attention.

  • TRUE

Stretch marks often appear on the:

  • Face, ankles and knees
  • Back, neck and calves
  • Abdomen, buttocks and arms

Large increases in muscle mass can create stretch marks.

  • TRUE

Other causes of stretch marks include:

  • Excessive sunlight and long-distance running.
  • Growth spurts and pregnancy
  • City life and drinking

Stretch marks on the arms usely appear near the elbow.

  • TRUE

Treitinoin cream can help rebuild collagen in the:

  • First year after stretch marks appear
  • First two days after stretch marks appear
  • First six weeks after stretch marks appear

Pulsed laser therapy is primarily used for treatment of old stretch marks.

  • TRUE

Chemical peels with glycolic acid work on:

  • New stretch marks
  • Old stretch marks
  • Old and new stretch marks