The Ultimate Blender Quiz
by Staff
From making scrumptious smoothies to savory salad dressings, a blender is a handy appliance, but its use extends far beyond the kitchen. How much do you know about this celebrated margarita-making machine?

Why were blenders first invented?

  • to make prescribed malted milk drinks
  • to crush ice
  • to quench the thirst of soldiers in battle

What was the first nonmedical use of blenders?

  • Homeowners used blenders to make creamy soups.
  • Industries employed blenders for making sauce mixes.
  • Soda fountains used them for making ice cream concoctions.

When did the blender become a popular kitchen appliance?

  • the 1960s
  • the 1910s
  • the 1930s

What's one purpose for blenders in research labs?

  • to mix chemicals
  • to allow hungry researchers easy access to smoothies
  • to extract bacteria from samples

What was the first vaccine to be developed using a blender?

  • mumps vaccine
  • polio vaccine
  • tuberculosis vaccine

What component of the blender is housed in the base?

  • the lid
  • the motor
  • the jar

What device controls the movement and speed of a blender?

  • the motor
  • the coupler
  • the jar nut

What may happen if you don't put the lid on a blender while using it?

  • Nothing -- all your yummy ingredients will stay in the blender.
  • Food is likely to coat your walls and ceiling.
  • The blender won't start.

Why are blender jars typically tapered?

  • The shape funnels food down toward the blades.
  • The shape allows for easy removal of blended food.
  • It tricks your eye into thinking there is more food in the jar.

The removable plastic piece in the top of a blender is called the fill cap. Which of the following is NOT one of the fill cap's purposes?

  • You can remove the fill cap to put more food in while the blender is on.
  • The fill cap can be used for measuring liquids when blending cocktails and other beverages.
  • The fill cap fits snugly against the inside of the blender jar to scrape out all the food.

When a blender starts, in what direction does the food move in the blender jar?

  • a circular motion similar to a tornado
  • an up-and-down motion
  • a side-to-side motion

Why do most blenders have four blades positioned at different angles?

  • It makes the blender look more efficient.
  • It promotes maximum contact between food and blades.
  • Blenders can't function with fewer than four blades.

What is the typical power rating of a home blender?

  • between 100 and 300 watts
  • between 300 and 500 watts
  • between 500 and 750 watts

What is an immersion blender uniquely suited for?

  • blending food directly in the pot after it's cooked
  • crushing very large chunks of ice
  • juicing citrus fruit

What determines a blender's performance?

  • the power generated by the motor
  • the power consumed by the motor
  • the sharpness of the blades

What is the recommended number of blender controls?

  • three
  • five
  • seven

When shopping for a blender, what features should you look for if you want to make smoothies?

  • The blender can make white snow out of ice.
  • The blender has multiple functions specifically for smoothies.
  • The blender mixes ice cream well.

How long should a blender last before the motor starts to slow down or break?

  • six months to a year
  • several years
  • more than 20 years

Why might you consider buying a blender with a removable blade?

  • They're easier to clean than other models.
  • They're cheaper than other models.
  • They're the most efficient model.

Why should you avoid buying a blender with push buttons?

  • The buttons may pop off.
  • These blender models are less efficient.
  • The buttons are hard to clean.