The Ultimate Outdoor Home Winterizing Quiz
by Staff
Ready or not, winter is coming. Before you settle in for the winter, there are some steps you should take to prepare your home for the cold months ahead.

What actions should you take to winterize your warm-weather equipment?

  • Lube your power tools.
  • Drain gas from mowers.
  • both of the above

Which winter equipment should you get ready to use in advance of bad weather?

  • your snow blower
  • your shovel
  • your ice scraper

Which type of door can reduce air leaks and increase your home's energy efficiency?

  • a storm door
  • a decorative door
  • a sliding door

Which type of storm door is recommended by the United States Department of Energy?

  • metal-framed
  • wooden-framed
  • PVC-framed

In which season should you clean your roof gutters?

  • in the spring
  • in the summer
  • in the fall

Why is it a good idea to maintain your roof gutters?

  • Roof gutter maintenance can prevent leaks and floods.
  • Roof gutter maintenance can keep your house warmer.
  • Roof gutter maintenance can prevent dry rot.

What happens when water gets into the cracks in your walkway or driveway during cold weather?

  • It freezes.
  • It expands.
  • both of the above

An energy-efficient landscape design can lower your home energy bill enough to return your initial investment in less than:

  • four years
  • six years
  • eight years

Until what point in the fall should you mow your lawn?

  • until September
  • until the first frost
  • until Thanksgiving

Downspouts from your home's roof should carry rainwater:

  • into your basement
  • into your swimming pool
  • away from your home's foundation