The Ultimate Tax Refund Quiz
by Staff
There's not much to like about tax season unless you're a tax accountant, but there is a bright side: the refund! How much do you know about tax refunds?

What was the average tax refund in 2010?

  • $1,800
  • $2,800
  • $3,800

When you overpay taxes and get a large refund, the IRS does this.

  • pays you the interest earned
  • sends you a thank-you note
  • pays no interest

If April 15 is nearing fast, and you need that refund but aren't prepared yet, it's best to do what?

  • File when you're ready, even if it's April 16.
  • Hurry up and get it done no matter what it takes.
  • File an extension.

When you mail in your tax return on paper, when can you expect your refund?

  • four to eight weeks
  • one to two weeks
  • three to six months

When you e-file your tax return via computer, when can you expect your refund?

  • one hour
  • three weeks
  • 10 days

Which of these can you legally do to get a bigger refund?

  • claim other peoples' children on your tax return
  • set up a fake home business in order to get a bigger refund
  • neither of the above

If instead of receiving a refund, you've underpaid your taxes, what should you do?

  • just pay what you owe
  • worry -- you may be subject to penalties
  • hope the IRS won't notice

If you end up with a large refund, what might you consider doing?

  • go on a spending spree
  • give it back to the IRS
  • head straight to the racetrack

What might a really big refund mean?

  • You're a smart saver.
  • You're having too much money withheld on your W-4 IRS form.
  • The IRS made a mistake.