The Ultimate Ultralight Backpacking Quiz
by Staff
Don't the let the weight of your backpack drag down your joy of camping and hiking. After all, you went backpacking to shrug off the weight of the world. Ultralight backpacking helps you offload all the unnecessary things without compromising on safety or comfort. Take this quiz to learn more about how ultralight backpacking can make camping and hiking a stress-free experience.

How much weight does a traditional backpacker normally carry?

  • one-third of body weight
  • one-half of body weight
  • two-thirds of body weight

How much weight does an ultralight backpacker normally carry?

  • between one-fourth and one-third of body weight
  • between one-fifth and one-seventh of body weight
  • between one-half and one-third of body weight

What is the ideal way of saving money with ultralight backpacking?

  • Rent all backpacking items.
  • Borrow from other people.
  • Make your own items.

What is a major cause of hiking-related injuries such as falling, tripping or twisting an ankle?

  • fatigue
  • body fat
  • over-exercise

If you are able to decrease the weight of your backpack by 50%, by what margin can you normally increase your traveling distance?

  • 30 percent
  • 50 percent
  • 70 percent

What should you use to store first-aid items while keeping the weight of the backpack down?

  • old shirt
  • canvas bag
  • zippered plastic bag

How do people deal with fever while hiking in cold weather with minimal gear?

  • using a wet layer of clothing
  • using a heavy blanket
  • using thick layers of clothing

What is the ideal material for pots and pans when ultralight backpacking?

  • steel
  • titanium
  • thick plastic

What is the ideal kind of cooking stove for ultralight backpacking?

  • light fuel stoves
  • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stoves
  • canister stoves

What is the ideal kind of food for ultralight backpacking?

  • calorie-dense foods
  • starchy foods
  • green veggies

Which among these is not a part of the popular COLD acronym, used when ultralight backpacking in the winter?

  • loose layers
  • fast walking
  • stay dry

What is the lightest stove you can use when ultralight backpacking?

  • light fuel stoves
  • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stoves
  • fuel tabs

What type of sleeping bags are lighter than synthetic bags?

  • down sleeping bags
  • satin sleeping bags
  • foam sleeping bags

Which among these does not have a great impact on the weight you carry?

  • tent
  • shoes
  • sleeping bag

What is the lightest tent made of?

  • carbon fiber
  • canvas
  • tarp

What kind of backpacking it is where the hiker's goal is to carry everything out of the wilderness that was brought in?

  • zero-impact backpacking
  • green backpacking
  • hi-tech backpacking

Which among these activities is part of zero-impact backpacking?

  • avoiding listening to music
  • avoiding making fires
  • avoiding smoking cigarettes

What kind of frame material is well-suited for ultralight backpacks?

  • titanium
  • steel
  • lightweight cloth

What kind of meal improves your mood, energy level and helps you sleep properly while backpacking?

  • a hot meal
  • a snickers bar
  • a hot cup of coffee

What is the recommended way to carry water when backpacking?

  • a small container
  • two containers
  • a large container