The Ulysses S. Grant Quiz
by Staff
He was one of the most popular and respected men of the Civil War era. How much do you know about Ulysses S. Grant?

What was Grant's nickname?

  • "Lead Storm"
  • "Unconditional Surrender"
  • "Hard Chargin'"

How many slaves did Grant own in 1860?

  • none
  • one
  • two

In which war did Grant see his first combat action?

  • Yakima War
  • Apache Wars
  • Mexican-American War

What is Ulysses S. Grant's middle name?

  • Ulysses
  • Samuel
  • Sheppard

When the Civil War began, what was Grant's rank?

  • Lieutenant
  • Colonel
  • Sergeant

Numerically, which president was Grant?

  • 15th president
  • 17th president
  • 18th president

Which job did Grant NOT try before taking up the military as a career?

  • farmer
  • accountant
  • real estate agent

How did Grant die?

  • a broken leg that became infected
  • a festering bullet wound
  • from cancer

In how many elected positions did Grant serve before becoming U.S. president?

  • none
  • one
  • two

Which organization did Grant help to neutralize during his presidency?

  • the KKK
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans

Who did Grant defeat to win his first presidency?

  • Francis Blair
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Horatio Seymour

In a pinch what product did Grant sell on the street in St. Louis?

  • beer
  • firewood
  • candles

Grant was promoted to Lt. General after his victory at which battle?

  • Shiloh
  • Vicksburg
  • Gettysburg

Why did Grant let Confederate soldiers keep their horses after the war ended?

  • He felt sorry for them.
  • He thought kindness would lead to peace.
  • He didn't like horses, anyway.

How did Grant lose his life savings after serving as president?

  • the stock market crashed
  • a financial company went out of business
  • His home was burglarized.

When he realized he was going to die, how did Grant manage to make enough money for his family to live on?

  • He took a wealthy socialite as a mistress.
  • He asked war-era friends for loans.
  • He published his memoirs.

What business was Grant working at when the Civil War broke out?

  • mailman
  • leather business
  • farrier

At an early stage of his military career, Grant was renowned for which ability?

  • hand-to-hand combat
  • horseback riding
  • marksmanship

What day did Grant say was the "darkest" of his life?

  • Lincoln's assasination
  • his wife's death
  • his daughter's death

How many people turned out to witness Grant's funeral procession?

  • around 100,000
  • around 400,000
  • around 1 million

Which organization did Grant form during his presidency?

  • the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Justice
  • The FBI

Grant achieved the Union's first landmark victory in the Civil War.

  • TRUE

What was the Whiskey Ring scandal?

  • consumer deaths caused by poor distillation
  • a close circle of the president's friends who were always drunk
  • a ring of liquor businessmen dodging taxes

In which state was Grant born?

  • Ohio
  • Iowa
  • Michigan

How old was Grant when he died?

  • 71
  • 63
  • 59

Early in his career, why was Grant forced out of the Army?

  • He was too rebellious.
  • He was drunk.
  • He assaulted an officer.

When a group of men told President Lincoln that Grant was an alcoholic, how did the president respond?

  • He asked what kind of booze Grant liked to drink.
  • He said he would think about the situation.
  • He said he would terminate Grant if the drinking ever caused a problem.

How many times were Confederate armies forced to surrender to Grant?

  • three times
  • five times
  • seven times

For what behavior was Grant continually scolded during his time at West Point?

  • poor condition of his uniform
  • He back talked to superiors.
  • He kept missing his drills.

What percentage of the popular vote did Grant win in order to secure his second term as president?

  • He didn't win a majority.
  • 56 percent
  • 51 percent