The Ultimate Unclogging a Drain Quiz
by Staff
Dealing with some household problems can be delayed, but a sluggish drain can soon become a major inconvenience. Despite the smell and possibility of getting your hands dirty, it is often not too difficult to unclog a drain. Take this quiz and find out how easy it is.

What can a sluggish drain lead to?

  • inconvenience
  • mess
  • both

Can you suggest a homemade drain cleaner?

  • baking soda and vinegar
  • hairspray and salt
  • toothpaste and acetone

Are there any precautions to take if using a homemade or commercial drain cleaner?

  • Don't light a cigarette in the area, the smoke may slow the reaction.
  • The resulting fumes and foam are dangerous - avoid contact.
  • Allow a slow stream of hot water to flow to increase the alkaline content of the reaction.

How long should a baking soda-vinegar mix be left before running water?

  • one hour
  • two hours
  • three hours

Is there a remedy for a grease clog?

  • salt, baking soda and boiling water
  • pure olive oil and sugar
  • oregano, pepper and hairspray

Which is the correct formula for a preventative drain cleaner?

  • a bottle of cola, half a cup of pepper
  • a cup of baking soda, a cup of salt and a 1/4 cup of cream of tartar
  • a cup of cream of tartar, a cup of salt and a cup of paprika

Before using a plunger, why would you put petroleum jelly on the lip of the plunger?

  • prevents the plunger from sticking to the bowl
  • provides lubrication between plunger and bowl
  • creates a better seal

What action caused by the plunger would dislodge an obstruction?

  • back and forth water pressure
  • downward push
  • upward motion

Would you use a commercial drain cleaner on or near metal fixtures?

  • Yes, it is designed to attack only blockages.
  • No it could corrode the metal.
  • Yes, it will provide a protective coat to the metal.

Okay, having had no success with chemicals or snakes, what is the next logical step?

  • Purchase a new sink.
  • Replace the drainage assembly.
  • Open the clean-out plug and clear blockage.

If a bathtub drain is blocked, from how many places can a nearby clog be attacked?

  • only the drain opening
  • from the drain opening, overflow opening and the drum trap
  • from the drum trap and the overflow opening

What can be an effective tool in clearing blocked floor drains?

  • a garden hose
  • tightly wound plastic bag
  • plumbers wrench

What type of drain clog will not respond to a snake or a plunger?

  • plastic bag
  • sediment
  • tree roots

If your blockage was caused by tree roots, could you do anything reasonable about it yourself?

  • Apply a defoliant.
  • Use an electric auger.
  • Pour into the pipe a small amount of gasoline and carefully ignite it

What is the importance of a drain trap?

  • It's an essential part of the water flow process and prevents sewer gases from entering.
  • The trap prevents water wastage.
  • It neutralizes toilet odors.

What is the advantage, if any of a polypropylene plastic trap.

  • look good
  • all traps are the same
  • rugged and long-lasting

Would you use an ABS plastic trap when there is a frequent passage of caustic household chemicals?

  • Definitely, this is what they were designed for.
  • No they could become deformed and fail.
  • Only if there is an equal amount of boiling water flowing through.

When appearance is important, which trap would you choose?

  • chrome-plated thinwall brass
  • color-coordinated polypropylene
  • chrome-plated ABS

What is the typical trap diameter for a kitchen sink?

  • one inch (2.5cm)
  • one and a quarter inches
  • one and a half inches

If you replace a drain trap, when should you run water into it?

  • immediately
  • after 20 minutes
  • after an hour