The Ultimate Under $100 Room Ideas Quiz
by Staff
Your tween has outgrown his or her childhood bedroom and it's time for a make-over. As they enter the process of becoming adults, tweens begin to discover their independence, develop their own opinions and want to look cool. They want to feel comfortable in their bedrooms, but pleasing them may be difficult, especially on a limited budget. Learn some tips and guidelines by taking this quiz.

What should you discuss with your tween before you redecorate his or her room?

  • your budget
  • how they would like it to look
  • both of the above

Which wall color appeals to tween boys?

  • blue
  • pink
  • sage

What might be an option if you are worried that your tween will quickly change their mind about their new wall covering?

  • Explain to them that they will have to deal with it.
  • Buy decals or stickers.
  • Don't bother changing the walls.

Why might a rug be a useful object when redecorating a tween's room?

  • It can be a focal point of the room.
  • It keeps the room warm.
  • You can't see the dust on it.

What type of rug patterns do tween girls tend to like?

  • car patterns
  • pink pony patterns
  • animal patterns

What is usually the centerpiece of a bedroom?

  • the bed
  • the desk
  • the window

What sort of bedding style is a good long-term investment for a tween?

  • your tween's favorite pop star linen
  • your tween's favorite TV show linen
  • bold-colored linen

If the budget allows, how might you decorate a pillow for a tween girl?

  • with a monogram
  • with stickers
  • with glitter

What is a simple way to upgrade a bedroom without buying anything?

  • Throw out items collected in your tween's childhood years.
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Move your tween to another room.

What aspect of a room greatly influences the atmosphere inside it?

  • lighting
  • air circulation
  • heating