Cargo Carrying Capacity Quiz
by Staff
Understanding cargo carrying capacity is somewhat tricky. How knowledgeable are you when it comes to understanding cargo carrying capacity? Take this quiz and find out!

What does CCC stand for?

  • cargo carrying capacity
  • cargo catching capability
  • carrying cargo capability

What is cargo carrying capacity?

  • the weight of a vehicle before it is loaded
  • the weight of a vehicle after it is loaded
  • the maximum weight a vehicle can carry

Which of the following most likely has a largest cargo carrying capacity?

  • hybrid car
  • SUV
  • RV

How is cargo carrying capacity measured?

  • cubic feet
  • pounds
  • ounces

What happens if you exceed a vehicles cargo carrying capacity?

  • trunk (loading space) in your vehicle could sag
  • it is possible you will cause damage to the body of your vehicle
  • it is possible that you lose gas mileage
  • all of the above

Where can you find the cargo carrying capacity of your vehicle?

  • owners manual
  • hub cap
  • tire
  • trunk handle

What does UVW stand for?

  • unloaded vehicle weight
  • unique vehicle weight
  • unnecessary vehicle weight

What does SCWR stand for?

  • sleeping capacity weight rating
  • safety capacity weight rating
  • system capacity weight rating

What does GVWR stand for?

  • great vehicle weight rating
  • gross vehicle weight rating
  • gross vehicle weight requirement

Which of the following is not needed to calculate cargo carrying capacity for an RV?

  • SCWR
  • GVWR
  • all of the above