The Ultimate Underwater Tourist Attractions Quiz
by Staff
The ocean has always fascinated explorers and scientists, as well as vacationers seeking thrilling adventure. Check out our quiz and explore the unsurpassed beauty of the watery underworld.

Which of the following have taken place under water?

  • weddings
  • board meetings
  • a Presidential inauguration

In 1916, filmmakers used a _____ to film footage for "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

  • rowboat
  • canoe
  • submarine

Underwater photography courses are available:

  • worldwide
  • only in Europe
  • only in the United States

Which of the following are common underwater activities?

  • scuba diving
  • snorkeling
  • both of the above

Which of the United States offers great snorkeling close to home?

  • Florida
  • South Dakota
  • Ohio

In Rurutu, Tahiti, you can snorkel with:

  • sharks
  • humpback whales
  • catfish

In which underwater park can you find the underwater sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor?

  • Molinere Underwater Park
  • Molinere Underwater Ocean Center
  • Molinere Underwater Sea Adventure

In which location can you practice the dangerous sport of cave diving?

  • Peacock Springs State Park, Florida (United States)
  • Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt
  • both of the above

You can find family-friendly underwater submarine trips in:

  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Puerto Rico

On a submarine tour, you can view the wonders of the ocean from:

  • the deck
  • the enclosed viewing gallery
  • the observation scope

What do submarines have that scuba suits do not?

  • bathrooms
  • no pressure changes
  • both of the above

In a wet sub, divers breathe through:

  • scuba diving gear
  • their noses
  • a mask

In a semi-dry sub, divers breathe through:

  • scuba diving gear
  • their noses
  • a mask

How much does a personal submarine cost?

  • 30000
  • 130000
  • 300000

Which hotel is the world's first undersea hotel?

  • the Jules Undersea Lodge
  • the Hydropolis in Dubai
  • the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji