The Unitasker Kitchen Gadgets Quiz
by Staff
These crazy kitchen gadgets SOUND like you can't live without them. But the reality is they're simply a waste of space. Do you have any of these unitasker kitchen tools in your cabinets?

This silicone "dish" helps you hold a bowl in place when you're stirring something.

  • Bowledover
  • Stayput
  • Staybowlizer

True or false? The Perfect Pancake Pan is just for pancakes.

  • TRUE

Using a knife to butter your corn is too hard, right? What's the best unitasker for the job?

  • Butter Buttons
  • Butter Wipes
  • Butter Wands

Speaking of corn, it's such a pain to take off the cob with a knife. Thankfully you don't have to thanks to what unitasker tool?

  • Corn Cob Peeler
  • Cornucopia
  • Cornattacker

Straining cans of beans for your chili doesn't have to be so hard anymore when you have which crazy kitchen gadget?

  • E-Z Strain
  • Snap-On Can Strainer
  • Can Strain

If you can't lift and pour a gallon-sized drink jug, which of the following could you purchase?

  • 2 half gallon jugs
  • the Roll 'n Pour
  • the Rock and Roll

What do you buy when you can't keep track of your eggs in the refrigerator?

  • more eggs
  • Eggtopia Tray
  • Egg Minder Internet Connected Egg Tray

Now you can make bowls of bacon if you have what kitchen unitasker kitchen gadget?

  • Big Bacon Bowl
  • Perfect Bacon Bowl
  • Best Bacon Bowl

Which gadget takes all of the fun out of making s'mores?

  • Smore's Rackatron 3000
  • Charcoal Companion SS S'mores Roasting Rack CC3112
  • No Mess Smore's Grilling Companion 3000

True or false? You don't even have to touch your finger foods when you eat with Trongs!

  • TRUE

Stephen Colbert once satired this egg product for its ridiculousness on "The Colbert Report."

  • Rollie Eggmaster
  • Eggcellent Master
  • EZ Cracker

Slicing a tomato doesn't have to be hard when you buy one of these:

  • Ginsu Knife
  • Tomato Holder 5140
  • Tomato Slicer 5100

True or false? There is a unitasker product that lets you cook hotdogs and buns -- together.

  • TRUE

True or false? Ben and Jerry's sells a lock that wraps around the lid of their pints of ice cream.

  • TRUE

There are several unitasker tools on the market for avocados, those pesky fruits known for being so difficult to cut. Which of the following is NOT one?

  • AvoCap
  • Avo Saver
  • Avocado Cuber

It's hard to evenly distribute toppings on cakes and cupcakes, unless you have what unitasker tool?

  • Topping Tornado
  • Sprinkles Sprayer
  • Sprinkles Sprinkler

Soggy cereal sucks. What unitasker tool helps prevent you from ever having to deal with that gloppy stuff again?

  • Obol
  • CerealBowl
  • Split

Kids want the crust cut off their PB&J sandwiches. But that takes time, unless you have what cool tool?

  • Krustbuster
  • Crust-be-Gone
  • No More Crust

True or false? All you need to replace the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker from Williams Sonoma is a food processor.

  • TRUE

If you don't have time to peel potatoes with a standard veggie peeler (and really, who does?) which of the following unitasker kitchen tools would be right for you?

  • Rotato Potato Peeler
  • Potato Stat
  • Peelomatic

What do you do when you need just three muffins instead of 12?

  • fill just 3 muffin tins
  • throw 9 away
  • use the Muffin Magic

What tool helps you cut onions?

  • Onion Slizalizer
  • Onion Goggles
  • Ginsu Mandeline

Remember the Roll 'n Pour for all of your gallon jug pouring needs? Well there's a similar one for those of you who have trouble pouring those 2-liter bottles. What's this one called?

  • 2-Liter Pour Thing
  • Pour It Out
  • Pour Safe

True or false? AromaForks include 24 oil essences that are added to the fork's absorbent scent pads to "enhance" your dining experience.

  • TRUE

We've all seen these at parties and wedding receptions, but do you really need one at home?

  • chocolate fountain
  • donut maker
  • pretzel maker

True or false? For $14.99 you can get a 16-ounce tumbler that makes, yep, chocolate milk.

  • TRUE

True or false? What's better than meatloaf? Stuffed meatloaf! And you can make it with the Meat Loaf Pan.

  • TRUE

Speaking of stuffed meat, these unitaskers let you stuff sliders with everything from cheese and mushrooms to garlic and onions.

  • Stuffomatic
  • Burger Pockets
  • Stufz Sliders Stuffed Burger Maker

True or false? There's a kitchen gadget specifically for making mac 'n' cheese.

  • TRUE

True or false? You need a scallion cutter.

  • TRUE