'The Untouchables' Movie Quiz
by Staff
Ever wondered what it takes to bring down one of history's most famous and feared mobsters? "The Untouchables" combines clever police work with plenty of thrills. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this famous flick.

What year was "The Untouchables" released?

  • 1982
  • 1987
  • 1992

Where is the film primarily set?

  • New York
  • Toronto
  • Chicago

What gangster runs Chicago in "The Untouchables"?

  • Al Capone
  • Carlo Gambino
  • John Gotti

Who were the Untouchables?

  • gangsters
  • politicians
  • law enforcement agents

Which of the following was NOT one of the Untouchables?

  • Walter Payne
  • Oscar Wallace
  • Eliot Ness

Who played Eliot Ness in the film?

  • Sean Connery
  • Mel Gibson
  • Kevin Costner

True or false: Frank Nitti was a member of the Untouchables.

  • true
  • false

What do Ness and his officers find during a failed raid early in the film?

  • socks
  • tools
  • umbrellas

Who was Mike Dorsett?

  • Capone enforcer
  • sharp shooter
  • police chief

Where does Jim Malone suggest that Ness look to find new recruits in the fight against Capone?

  • police academy
  • prison
  • local colleges

Why is Malone leery about George Stone?

  • He's black.
  • He's Italian.
  • He's got a criminal record.

What is Wallace's job when he is recruited into the Untouchables?

  • lawyer
  • doctor
  • accountant

Where do the Untouchables pull their first raid in an attempt to nail Capone?

  • grocery store
  • bus station
  • post office

Who came up with the idea of nabbing Capone on tax evasion charges?

  • Ness
  • Wallace
  • Malone

What do the Untouchables do to convince George to cooperate with authorities?

  • torture him
  • bribe him
  • shoot a thug in the mouth

Who kills George and Wallace?

  • Al Capone
  • Frank Nitti
  • Jim Malone

What word is written in blood at George and Wallace's crime scene?

  • touchable
  • revenge
  • family

Where do the Untouchables famously have a shootout with Capone's gang?

  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Union Station

Who finally kills the infamous Bowtie Man?

  • George Stone
  • Eliot Ness
  • Jim Malone

What does Ness find in Nitti's pocket during the trial?

  • a fake ID
  • a matchbook
  • a picture of Ness' family

How does Nitti die?

  • poison
  • gunshot
  • falling off a roof

Who does Ness give Malone's St. Jude medallion to at the end of the film?

  • Stone
  • Nitti
  • Capone

What does Ness plan to do if Prohibition is repealed?

  • have a drink
  • retire
  • fight to have it reinstated

How much did "The Untouchables" make at the box office opening weekend?

  • $1 million
  • $5 million
  • $10 million

True or false: Bob Hoskins got $300,000 NOT to play the role of Al Capone.

  • true
  • false

How many Academy Awards did "The Untouchables" win?

  • none
  • one
  • two

Who was chosen to play Al Capone in a planned prequel?

  • Al Pacino
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Robert De Niro

What happened at Capone's trial in the film?

  • He was acquitted.
  • He got off with only probation.
  • He was sent to jail.

True or false: The real-life Al Capone also received an 11-year sentence for tax evasion.

  • true
  • false

True or false: In real life, Malone and Ness worked closely together to nab Capone.

  • true
  • false