The Ultimate Untreated Lumber Quiz
by Staff
Many builders swear by the benefits of treated lumber, but consumer groups decry the risks it presents. Should you opt for treated or untreated lumber when building something? This quiz will test your knowledge of the risks and benefits associated with each type of lumber.

What is the main drawback to using treated lumber?

  • It can be bad for your health.
  • It is more flammable.
  • If misused, it can be more likely to rot.

Which toxin is part of a compound that was a common treatment for lumber?

  • arsenic
  • cyanide
  • lye

If lumber producers no longer manufacture CCA-treated lumber, why is there still concern about it?

  • because the toxins still remain in the many buildings that were already built using such lumber
  • because the replacement treatments are very expensive
  • because newer treatments are not significantly less hazardous

What precaution is necessary when working with even the newer generation of treated lumber?

  • not letting it come into contact with drinking water
  • making sure no microscopic bits of sawdust get into your eyes
  • coating the wood with shellac as soon as the building construction is completed

Approximately how much arsenic is there is CCA-treated wood?

  • one ounce per foot
  • one ounce per 12 feet
  • one ounce per 27 feet

What type of wood should be used for making outdoor furniture?

  • treated lumber
  • untreated lumber
  • either treated or untreated lumber

Why is untreated lumber better for use in a garden?

  • Treated lumber can damage your plants.
  • Constant contact with moisture and soil is bad for treated lumber.
  • Plants leach the chemicals out of the wood, so the treatment is lost quickly.

In addition to being less toxic, what else is true of newer treated lumber that does not use CCA?

  • It is more expensive.
  • It is less durable.
  • It is more flammable.

What is the minimum precaution you should take when working with treated lumber?

  • long sleeves and pants
  • goggles
  • dust mask

Under what circumstances is treated lumber safe to use?

  • if it doesn't touch the ground and is covered
  • if it is being used for something that needs to last a long time
  • if it is surrounded by pieces of untreated lumber