The Ultimate U.S. Snowboarding Spots Quiz
by Staff
Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing winter sports in the United States. Whether you're a freerider, freestyler or carver, there is a perfect snowboarding location for you. Check out our quiz and find the best snowy retreat for your winter sports fun.

How many people in the United States visited a ski or snowboarding area during the 2006-2007 winter sports season?

  • 45 million
  • 55 million
  • 65 million

Which type of snowboarder prefers the untouched white snow found in the backcountry of the Western United States?

  • a freerider
  • a freestyler
  • a carver

Which type of snowboarder prefers well-groomed and well-marked land where they can sweep along the mountain?

  • a freerider
  • a freestyler
  • a carver

Which mountain is great for snowboarding in Big Sky, Montana?

  • Lone
  • Andesite
  • both of the above

Which mountain peak in Big Sky, Montana is a favorite of advanced snowboarders?

  • Banner Peak
  • Lone Peak
  • Adams Peak

What is the average annual snowfall in Kirkwood, California?

  • 380 inches (9.7 meters)
  • 480 inches (12 meters)
  • 580 inches (14.7 meters)

How many terrain parks are there in Kirkwood, California?

  • four
  • eight
  • twelve

Which Kirkwood, California terrain park is best for beginners?

  • the Adventure Land Beginner Park
  • the Rip Curl Playground
  • the Rip Curl/ Stomping Grounds

Alpine Meadows, California offers _____ acres of snowboarding terrain.

  • 400 (1.6 square kilometers)
  • 1400 (5.6 square kilometers)
  • 2400 (9.7 square kilometers)

On which side of Mount Hood in Oregon is Mount Hood Meadows located?

  • the east side
  • the west side
  • the south side

_____ in Sandpoint, Idaho is the largest resort in Idaho.

  • Camus
  • Einstein
  • Schweitzer

What percentage of the terrain at Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon is suited for advanced snow boarders?

  • 50 percent
  • 60 percent
  • 70 percent

Which of the following attractions are part of the ski and snowboard resort area at Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon?

  • the Air Chamber Terrain Park
  • the Sunshine Park
  • both of the above

Which mountain is the tallest ski resort in California?

  • Mammoth Mountain
  • High Mountain
  • Giant Mountain

How many halfpipes are featured at Mammoth Mountain in California?

  • one
  • two
  • three

Which California snowboarding facility hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics?

  • Squaw Valley
  • Cherokee Valley
  • Brave Valley

Which Squaw Valley mountain is named for the number of kick turns it took a skier to reach the valley from the summit?

  • KT-11
  • KT-22
  • KT-33

Which resort in Utah is its largest and the first in the area to allow snowboarding?

  • The Valley Resort
  • The Canyons Resort
  • The Desert Resort

Which Utah resort is ranked in the top 10 of family resorts in North America?

  • Forest City Mountain Resort
  • Salt Lake City Mountain Resort
  • Park City Mountain Resort

Which of Park City Mountain Resort's halfpipes hosts the World Superpipe Championships every year?

  • the Eagle Superpipe
  • the Condor Superpipe
  • the Vulture Superpipe