The Ultimate USA Climbing Quiz
by Staff
USA Climbing, as its name indicates, is dedicated to furthering the sport of climbing in the United States, both outdoors and indoors. Lace up your climbing boots and get set to scale that wall or boulder after taking this quiz.

How many regional divisions are there within USA Climbing?

  • 10
  • 15
  • 20

From what age can young people begin to participate in climbing competitions?

  • 10
  • 12
  • 13

What subdivisions are there in the adult category?

  • type of climbing
  • age groups
  • levels of difficulty

What is the Sport Climbing Series?

  • competing organization
  • part of USA Climbing
  • indoor climbing but without competitions

Who pays a $5 USA Climbing competition fee?

  • non-members
  • members seeking certification
  • all adult participants

Is there any justification for joining more than one organization?

  • One group climbs boulders, the other manmade walls.
  • Both do the same things, but in different regions.
  • Joint membership will save you $10 per year.

What should you do when climbing a wall or boulder?

  • Don't look down.
  • Keep your center of gravity over your heels.
  • Drink regularly to avoid dehydration.

What should you avoid?

  • Don't stretch to reach an unattainable hold.
  • Don’t chat with other climbers.
  • Don't kick at the face to create a new hold by force.

Which membership is more expensive?

  • American Boulder Series
  • Sports Climbing Series
  • both cost the same

Does climbing really benefit you physically?

  • It has limited benefit on the leg muscles.
  • It strengthens the upper torso.
  • It strengthens leg muscles and stretches upper torso.

How do climbers overcome boredom while climbing?

  • Most climbers hum or sing to themselves.
  • They are always alert.
  • They chat with fellow climbers offering and receiving advice.

Can climbing make a contribution to society?

  • Climbing promotes good health and environmental awareness.
  • Broadcast and advertising revenues enable the organization to offer grants to worthy causes.
  • Some competitions can raise money for charitable causes.

Other than enjoying physical recreation, what else can climbing give you?

  • added confidence
  • physical fitness
  • hand-eye coordination

Who can compete at regional, divisional and national levels?

  • anyone qualifying in a local competition
  • members
  • anyone paying the $5 fee

What does competing at a national level give participants?

  • chance to compete for the USA Olympic team
  • opportunity to qualify as instructors
  • nation-wide ranking

What benefits does membership offer?

  • free subscription to Urban Climber
  • discounted subscription to Urban Climber
  • discounts on a range of outdoor magazines

What else does membership offer?

  • identification with environmental concerns
  • status of an accomplished outdoor sportsperson
  • meeting other enthusiasts

Can a sense of community develop from what is essentially a sport for individualists?

  • There can be a feeling of shared accomplishment.
  • There is no real sense of community.
  • Any sense of community is simply an exchange of success stories.

Just how much did Hera Climb4life collect for ovarian research in 2009?

  • $60,000
  • $80,000
  • $95,000

What are the age spans of the adult divisions of USA Climbing?

  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years