Used or Abused: The Ultimate Used Home Appliance Shopping Quiz
by Staff
You can save hundreds of dollars by opting for a used appliance instead of a new one. But how much do you really know about home appliances and their true value?

About how many working home appliances do Americans own?

  • 300 million
  • 400 million
  • 600 million

For major appliances, most consumers have the best experiences when they buy where?

  • at a thrift shop
  • at a retail store
  • online

According to Mr. Appliance (an applicance repair center), on average, about how long can you expect a microwave to last?

  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 8 years

As of 2009, what percentage of customers report satisfactory experiences when shopping for major appliances online?

  • 50 percent
  • 65 percent
  • 75 percent

According to This Old House, roughly how much do Americans spend annually on new appliances?

  • $4 billion
  • $9 billion
  • $15 billion

If you opt for new appliances, what's one guaranteed way to save a lot of money?

  • use coupons
  • buy multiple products at once
  • steal them

What major appliance has a reputation for lasting longer than most?

  • refrigerator
  • electric water heater
  • freezer

How long can an electric water heater potentially last?

  • 18 years
  • 19 years
  • 21 years

How much energy do high-efficiency washers save?

  • about 35 percent
  • about 50 percent
  • about 70 percent

At the very minimum, how much life should you get out of a clothes-washing machine?

  • 4 years
  • 7 years
  • 8 years

Which major appliance generally outlives all others?

  • water heaters
  • gas ranges
  • dryers

On average, about how long will a garbage disposal unit last?

  • 5 years
  • 8 years
  • 13 years

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, by how much do automatic ice makers and door dispensers increase refrigerator power usage?

  • about 5 percent
  • about 10 percent
  • about 20 percent

Which product is notorious for having a short working life?

  • compactors
  • gas ranges
  • compact refrigerators

According to the California Energy Center, by percentage, how much energy can a dryer with a moisture sensor save you over the course of a year?

  • about 15 percent
  • about 60 percent
  • about 70 percent

According to This Old House, how long can you expect your boxy room air conditioner to last?

  • 5 years
  • 7 years
  • 10 years

According to ABC News, about what percentage of a home's energy bill goes to power consumer electronics in America?

  • 10 percent
  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent

If an appliance uses water, what's a way to make it last longer, no matter if it's new or used?

  • don't expose it to freezing temperatures
  • use a water softener or a water filtration system
  • clean it monthly

How much of a U.S. home's annual energy bill is due to heating?

  • about 30 percent
  • about 50 percent
  • about 60 percent

Why are side-loading washers more efficient than top-loaders?

  • They wash more clothes.
  • They require less water.
  • They have more digital instrumentation.