The Ultimate Using Hot-Dipped Nails Quiz
by Staff
You might be surprised how interesting nails can be. Nails come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Knowing about nails will help you to choose the right nail when you need one. Take this quiz and see if you can nail down the right answer about hot-dipped nails.

What is the minimum length of a nail?

  • one inch
  • two inches
  • three inches

What is the maximum length of a nail?

  • four inches
  • six inches
  • eight inches

How long is a brad?

  • less than one inch
  • one inch
  • more than one inch

What is the name of a one-inch nail?

  • two-penny
  • six-penny nail
  • dime nail

What material is most commonly used to construct nails?

  • steel
  • gold
  • silver

When exposed to certain chemicals, what may happen to untreated steel nails?

  • corrosion
  • stain
  • both answers

How many coating processes are there for nails?

  • one
  • two
  • three

Which coating process cover nails with zinc?

  • galvanizing
  • bluing
  • cementing

Which coating process heats nails?

  • galvanizing
  • bluing
  • cementing

For rust resistance, which process is the most effective?

  • galvanizing
  • bluing
  • cementing

Galvanization may be done by electroplating or:

  • hot-dipping
  • covering in resin
  • heating nails

To galvanize nails, they may be hot-dipped in molten:

  • gold
  • silver
  • zinc

Carpenters may prefer which galvanized nail for wood working?

  • hot-dipped
  • electroplated
  • neither answer

What is a double-dipped nail?

  • dipped once
  • dipped twice
  • dipped three times

Which nail coating process covers nails in resin?

  • galvanizing
  • bluing
  • cementing

How long is a spike?

  • more than four inches
  • more than six inches
  • more than eight inches

Which is a specialized nail?

  • spiral shank
  • thumb tack
  • brad

What is steel?

  • metal alloy of iron and carbon
  • metallic element
  • chemical element

Why are steel nails the nails of choice for many carpenters?

  • strong
  • resist rust
  • both answers

What is the chemical name for rust?

  • ferrous oxide
  • sodium chloride
  • sodium bicarbonate