The Ultimate Should You Get Your Kids Their Own Hotel Room Quiz
by Staff
Family vacations require careful planning. Among the many decisions to be made is whether to get a separate hotel room for your kids. You'll have to consider their safety, their maturity, your financial limitations, and of course, your sanity.

How would most people describe a vacation with their kids?

  • hectic
  • peaceful
  • restorative

One of the things that can make a vacation with the kids so challenging is which of these?

  • lack of a support system
  • lack of interesting activities
  • lack of money

One of the main advantages to getting a separate room for your kids is which of these?

  • cost
  • privacy
  • time

How will getting separate rooms for you and your kids likely affect your quality of sleep?

  • You will likely sleep better with a child tossing and turning next to you.
  • You will likely sleep better if you get a separate room for your child.
  • You will likely sleep the same no matter what you do.

One of the advantages of getting messy kids their own hotel room is which of these conveniences?

  • room service
  • concierge service
  • housekeeping

Why might younger kids not want their own hotel room?

  • fun
  • finances
  • fear

Why might teenagers try talking you into getting them their own room?

  • Teenagers prefer not to have to watch the same television shows as their parents.
  • Teenagers always want to see how much they can get away with.
  • Teenagers understand and respect your need for privacy.

What risks do you take when allowing your teenage kids to have their own room?

  • They might have enough freedom to get involved with alcohol and drugs.
  • The might stay up all night watching television.
  • They might wrack up a serious phone bill by calling their friends from the hotel room's phone.

What is the long term benefit of getting a separate room for your teenager?

  • Getting your teenagers their own room gives them an opportunity to prove the are trustworthy.
  • Getting your teenagers their own room shows them how much you love them.
  • Getting your teenagers their own room lets them know you expect the same when you get older.

For many families the main problem with getting separate rooms for the kids is which of these?

  • time
  • space
  • money

If you are getting a separate room for the kids, you should make sure the various rooms are what?

  • adjoined
  • equally sized
  • well cleaned

Which of these is a risk you take when getting young kids their own room?

  • You kids might not get a good night's sleep.
  • Your kids might damage hotel property.
  • Your kids might get bored all alone in their room.

When determining whether your children are likely to follow the rules you set for them, you should use what as an indicator?

  • Consider their track record.
  • Ask them.
  • Consult a child psychologist.

What is the standard age at which parent should allow kids to have their own hotel room?

  • There is no standard age, because kids mature at different rates.
  • Any kid who asks for his or her own room should get one, regardless of age.
  • Kids over the age of 14 should always have their own room.

Before promising your kids their own hotel room you should make sure of which of these?

  • Make sure the hotel offers insurance.
  • Make sure the hotel has night lights.
  • Make sure the hotel allows kids to have their own room.