Quiz: Should you Bring your In-Laws on Vacation?
by Staff
Are you trying to decide whether to invite your in-laws along for a vacation? Take our quiz to learn whether you should bring your in-laws on vacation.

What should the main goal of a vacation be?

  • eat gourmet food and drink the best wine
  • relax and enjoy yourself
  • have as much alone time as you can

Some people have such a great relationship with their in-laws that they think of them as which of these?

  • best friends
  • second parents
  • partners

When will you probably have to spend time with your in-laws?

  • at work
  • holidays
  • every weekend

Why might bringing in-laws along for a vacation be helpful to couples with children?

  • Children behave better when their grandparents are around.
  • In-laws are often willing and happy to babysit their grandchildren.
  • It gives your kids a chance to watch your spouse be disciplined by his or her parents.

What is the financial upside to having your in-laws come on vacation with you?

  • Many parents enjoy spoiling their children, regardless of age.
  • In-laws can book hotel rooms with a senior discount.
  • Older couples have more experience with frugal vacationing.

How can inviting your in-laws help your marriage?

  • Studies have shown that people who vacation with their in-laws have better marriages.
  • When your in-laws are happy, they are less likely to annoy you.
  • By including your in-laws, you show your spouse and your spouse's family that you respect them.

One of the best ways to avoid disputes over finances is to do which of these?

  • Plan out the financial arrangements ahead of time.
  • Win the lottery.
  • Pay for everything yourself.

A common point of contention when vacationing together with in-laws is which of these issues?

  • which activities to participate in
  • who gets the master bedroom
  • the proper way to address your in-laws

Which of these is essential to ensuring you and your spouse enjoy the privacy you need?

  • personal space
  • alcohol
  • a day at the spa

If you do find yourself lacking the privacy you need, you should try which of these?

  • Throw a tantrum and kick everyone out of the hotel room.
  • Put on a pair of headphones and listen to music.
  • Take a long bath and then cry yourself to sleep.