The Ultimate Vancouver Quiz
by Staff
When you think of Canada, you probably think of its two big cities: Montreal and Toronto. Don't forget about Vancouver, which is one of the most beautiful cities you might ever see. Situated at the western edge of Canada, Vancouver has a distinctly West Coast feel to it. Its many attractions include the orchestra, the comedy festival, and the aquarium. Take our quiz to learn more about Canada's "other" city -- Vancouver!

Vancouver is located in which Canadian province?

  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan

How far is Vancouver from the Canadian-U.S. border?

  • 45 minutes by car
  • 90 minutes by car
  • 3 hours by car

In what year was Vancouver established?

  • 1666
  • 1776
  • 1886

Which of these American cities is most similar to Vancouver?

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Portland

How large is Vancouver's Stanley Park?

  • 100 acres
  • 1,000 acres
  • 10,000 acres

How long is the perimeter seawall of Vancouver?

  • 13 miles
  • 17 miles
  • 19 miles

What kind of body of water is False Creek?

  • a creek
  • an inlet
  • a river

How many people live in the Vancouver Metro area?

  • one million
  • two million
  • three million

What is the average summer temperature in Vancouver?

  • 54 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 74 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 94 degrees Fahrenheit

How much rain falls in Vancouver each year?

  • 22 inches
  • 33 inches
  • 44 inches

How long does it take to get from Vancouver International Airport to downtown?

  • 45 minutes
  • an hour and a half
  • 4 hours

How much does a cab ride from Vancouver International to downtown cost?

  • C$25
  • C$45
  • C$65

Which number highway is the Trans-Canada?

  • Highway 1
  • Highway 50
  • Highway 99

Which road starts at the Canadian-U.S. border and runs through Vancouver?

  • Highway 1
  • Highway 58
  • Highway 99

Which of these annual festivals features uncensored plays at 11 venues?

  • The Fringe Festival
  • Comedy Fest
  • Chinese New Year

Where does the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival take place?

  • Trout Lake
  • False Creek
  • The Pacific ocean

In which of these venues does the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra perform?

  • Orpheum Theater
  • Waterfront Theater
  • Carousel Theater

The Aquarium in Vancouver features a performance by which of these?

  • seals
  • sharks
  • whales

Which Vancouver museum offers an exhibit of totem poles?

  • The Museum of Anthropology
  • The Vancouver East Cultural Center
  • The Botanical Gardens

The Vancouver Art Gallery is famous for its paintings by which of these artists?

  • Arnold Belkin
  • Emily Carr
  • George Fertig