Travel the World: Venice
by Staff
La Serenissima is the Italian nickname for this "floating city" situated on 118 islands. It's one of the most beautiful cities in the world -- and one of the most overrun with tourists. Perhaps you've been one of those tourists. How much do you remember about Venice?

Basilica di San Marco?

  • Michelangelo painted its ceiling
  • Pope John Paul II was injured here in 1982
  • site of public hangings in medieval times
  • Venice's most popular tourist destination

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari?

  • late 14th-century church in the Italian Gothic style
  • the site of Venice's first theater
  • the largest church in Europe


  • Venetian breakfast pastries
  • Venetian coffee shops
  • Venetian tapas
  • Venetian wine bars

Gallerie dell'Accademia?

  • museum featuring pre 19th-century Venetian art
  • museum featuring modern Venetian art


  • an annual gondola race that finishes on the Grand Canal
  • the most exclusive restaurant in Venice
  • a huge international art festival
  • Venice's most famous gelato shop
  • an outer island full of ancient Roman ruins


  • takes place the weekend before Palm Sunday
  • takes place over two weeks before Good Friday
  • takes place over 10 days leading up to Ash Wednesday
  • takes place over the week before Easter

Palazzo Ducale?

  • a Renassiance mansion with a casino on the ground floor
  • The composer Richard Wagner died here in 1883.
  • a marble-covered palace on the Grand Canal
  • the residence of the leader of Venice

Piazza San Marco?

  • in the lowest-lying area of the city, so it's very susceptible to flooding
  • in the highest area of the city, so people flock there when it floods


  • a Venetian coffee drink
  • Venetian public transportation
  • a style of painting popularized in late 18th-century Venice
  • an altar boy at the Basilica di San Marco

La Fenice?

  • a huge park on the island of Mantua
  • Venice's main opera house
  • traditional Venetian lace