The Ultimate Veronica Mars Quiz
by Staff
Alright Marshmallows! It's time to break out the trench coat and prepare for a stakeout with everyone's favorite private eye. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the film noir-style series that kept teens glued to their TVs.

Whose murder is the driving force behind season one of the show?

  • Veronica Mars
  • Lilly Kane
  • Logan Echolls

Where is "Veronica Mars" set?

  • Newport Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Neptune

What is the name of Lilly's younger brother and Veronica's one-time boyfriend?

  • Duncan
  • Dylan
  • Daniel

Abel Koontz killed Lilly Kane.

  • TRUE

What is the name of Veronica's dog?

  • Backup
  • Bullet
  • Killer

What is Weevil's real name?

  • Logan
  • Eli
  • Piz

What is the name of Weevil's gang?

  • Crips
  • PCHers
  • Bloods

What is the real first name of Veronica's friend Mac?

  • Kristen
  • Meg
  • Cindy

Who was Lilly dating when she was murdered?

  • Beaver
  • Dick
  • Logan

What event from the season two premiere forms the main mystery for that season?

  • bus accident
  • plane crash
  • building collapse

Who caused the bus to crash, killing several students?

  • Dick
  • Beaver
  • Duncan

What does the term "trip to the dentist" mean?

  • seeing your dentist
  • going to jail
  • spitting in someone's drink

What zip code do the wealthy kids in Neptune call home?

  • 90210
  • 90211
  • 90909

What college does Veronica attend after Neptune High?

  • Neptune College
  • Hearst College
  • UCLA

Kristen Bell beat out over 100 other women to win the part of Veronica Mars.

  • TRUE

Where is Wallace when he first meets Veronica?

  • on the bus
  • taped to the flagpole
  • at the movies

What is the name of Veronica's mother?

  • Lianne
  • Carol
  • Kim

Who replaces Keith Mars when he loses his job as the town sheriff?

  • Don Lamb
  • Mike Mann
  • Steve Wilkenson

What does Duncan name his baby in the episode "Donut Run?"

  • Lilly
  • Meg
  • Veronica

Who sang the "Veronica Mars" theme song?

  • The Rembrandts
  • The Dandy Warhols
  • Weezer

Who killed Lilly Kane?

  • Duncan Kane
  • Jake Kane
  • Aaron Echolls

Keith Mars dies in the season two finale "Not Pictured."

  • TRUE

Who is Veronica's Intro to Criminology professor at Hearst College?

  • Professor Landry
  • Professor Kane
  • Professor Lincoln

The original inspiration for the Veronica Mars character was a guy.

  • TRUE

The "Veronica Mars" movie was funded using Kickstarter donations.

  • TRUE

Who is Veronica dating at the start of the "Veronica Mars" movie?

  • no one
  • Piz
  • Logan

What event does Veronica attend during the "Veronica Mars" movie?

  • her college graduation
  • her 10-year reunion
  • Duncan's funeral

In the "Veronica Mars" movie, viewers learn that Logan is in the Air Force.

  • TRUE

What is the stage name of Carrie Bishop, who Logan is accused of killing?

  • Bonnie Barker
  • Bonnie DeVille
  • Bonnie Kane

Veronica chooses to stay in Neptune at the end of the "Veronica Mars" movie.

  • TRUE