A Splendid Chateau: The Versailles Quiz
by Staff
Join us for the magnificent splendor of the Versailles quiz. Test your knowledge of the baroque salons, lounge in the antechambers and picnic In the sprawling gardens. Cake, anyone?

Where is Versailles?

  • France
  • Holland
  • Belgium

What royal first built the (beginnings) of Versailles?

  • Louis XIII
  • Louis XIV
  • Louis V

In 1661 the monarch in charge oversaw a big expansion and renovation of Versailles. Who was it?

  • Louis XIII
  • Louis XIV
  • Marie Antoinette

Louis also declared in 1678 that Versailles would be what?

  • the center for democracy
  • the queen's special project
  • the seat of government

How long was Versailles the capitol of France?

  • until 1702
  • until 1789
  • until 1954

The king's apartment was reserved for …

  • virtually everyone
  • only the king and his family
  • courtiers

How many rooms are in the king's apartment?

  • two
  • seven
  • one

What is NOT one of the salon names of the king's apartment?

  • Good Times Salon
  • Hercules Salon
  • Abundance Salon

How many people might be attending to Louis XIV during his levee (i.e., morning routine)?

  • five
  • 25
  • 100

Versailles is on UNESCO's list of …

  • World Heritage Endangered Sites
  • World Heritage Natural Sites
  • World Heritage Cultural Sites

We call the long passageway lined with glass the Hall of Mirrors. But what was its original name?

  • the Pretty Hall
  • the Grand Gallery
  • the Gallery of Glass

How many mirrors decorate the room?

  • 145
  • 357
  • 514

What significance do the mirrors represent?

  • France was able to make even nicer mirrors than Venice.
  • The palace was so fancy that mirrors, which were luxury items, could be used for decoration.
  • both

What's right next to the War Salon?

  • the Other War Salon
  • the Friendship Salon
  • the Peace Salon

The Opera Royal was added to Versailles in 1770. At the time, it was …

  • the most expensive architectural project ever
  • the largest auditorium for live performances in Europe
  • beset by construction problems

The Congress Room is still used as …

  • a place for live concerts
  • an art school
  • the venue where the president addresses both houses of Congress

Who had her own apartment above the king's apartment, until she moved to another floor in the palace?

  • Madame de Pompadour
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Marie Leszczinska

The Royal Chapel was home to the king's Mass, which was given how often?

  • daily
  • weekly
  • every Sunday and Thursday

Versailles isn't just one palace. What else is included in the estate?

  • gardens
  • two other palaces
  • both

The two palaces are called the Petit and Grand what?

  • Chateau
  • Trianon
  • Maison

Where did Marie Antoinette spend a lot of her time?

  • Paris
  • the Grand Trianon
  • the Petit Trianon

Why was she criticized for her use of the Petit Trianon?

  • It was technically to be used by her children.
  • She never went to Mass there.
  • It was too far away from the court of Versailles.

What other feature did Marie Antoinette add to the Versailles estate?

  • a textile mill
  • a waterslide
  • a farm

Wait, a hamlet? What did that entail?

  • a reconstruction of a rustic Norman village
  • a little theater set where the queen could pretend she was a peasant
  • a kind of gross swamp-pond

How many fountain-type statuaries are there in the Versailles gardens?

  • 11
  • four
  • 40

In the summer how many trees line the Orangerie?

  • 476
  • 1,055
  • 835

How do they protect the trees in the winter?

  • a special polymer tarp cover
  • All the trees are transferred inside.
  • The trees die and are replanted.

While it was destroyed during a replanting in 1775, what feature was part of the original gardens?

  • a pool that the public could swim in
  • a hedge trimmed into a bull that you could "ride"
  • a labyrinth that was based on Aesop's fables

The Grand Canal that runs perpendicular to the palace is how long?

  • a quarter-mile (400 meters)
  • over a mile
  • 500 yards

Four statues mark the reflecting pools of Versailles. What do the statues symbolize?

  • the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the king
  • the four rivers of France
  • Louis XV's four mistresses