Victorian Design Quiz
by Staff
The Victorian era marked the period of Queen Victoria's rule of England from 1837 to 1901. Her reign saw a boom in industry and population, and it's noted for its distinct design elements that are still popular today. What do you know about Victorian design?

Victorian design is very distinct. You'll know you're looking at a Victorian piece if it has what feature?

  • clean lines
  • right angles
  • lavish curves

Walk into a Victorian dining room and there's a good chance you might see what piece of furniture?

  • futon
  • fainting couch
  • sideboard

True or false: Victorian window treatments are typically breezy, light sheers.

  • TRUE

Which of the following furniture styles was NOT used for Victorian design?

  • Tudor
  • Gothic
  • Shaker

What room of a Victorian era home was used for entertaining guests?

  • kitchen
  • parlor
  • drawing room

What popular style of home in the United States drew from the Victorian era of design?

  • Arts and Crafts
  • modern
  • split-level ranch

True or false: Color selection during the Victorian era was based solely on what colors lie next to each other on the color wheel.

  • TRUE

Popularized during the Victorian era, using this on the lower half of a wall is still stylish today.

  • wooden lattice
  • copper sheeting
  • wainscoting

What flooring was popularized during the Victorian era of design?

  • poured concrete
  • linoleum
  • wall-to-wall carpeting

What might you find on walls during the Victorian era?

  • lavish wallpapers
  • pastel colors
  • taxidermy