The Ultimate Vitamin Quiz
by Staff
You know that fistful of pills you take each morning? Those vitamins are essential ingredients to life. You know they're good for you, but do you know why? Take our quiz on vitamins to see if you know what those pills you pop actually do for you.

The word "vitamin" is a combination of what two words?

  • vital amine
  • viscous mint
  • vintner amyl

Vitamins perform what important function in the body?

  • serve as catalysts in chemical reactions
  • root out and eliminate free radicals
  • keep our kidneys from growing out of control

Which of these packs the most vitamin C?

  • orange juice
  • strawberries
  • kiwifruit

Which B vitamin helps prevent cervical cancer and reduces osteoporosis?

  • thiamine
  • niacin
  • folic acid

What the heck does vitamin K do?

  • assists in blood clotting
  • converts fat to muscle
  • produces serotonin

Which of these vitamins helps prevent rickets, a condition of abnormal or underdeveloped bone growth?

  • vitamin D
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A

Which of these vitamins produces the collagen responsible for skin, bone, teeth and cartilage production?

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B-12

Riboflavin, niacin and thiamine are all members of what vitamin family?

  • D
  • K
  • B

Which vitamin is the only one we don't consume through eating or drinking?

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin K

Which vitamin can be stored in the liver for up to a year?

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B
  • vitamin C