The Ultimate Wacky Small Town Festivals Quiz
by Staff
It's summertime again -- how are you going to fill those endlessly long days? How about going to a festival and checking out the blue ribbon apple pie contest and riding carnival rides? Boring -- you've been doing that every summer since you were two years old. So how about taking this quiz and checking out some weird and wonderful festivals?

Where does the National Hollerin' Contest take place?

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Dakota

When was the first National Hollerin' Contest?

  • 1769
  • 1869
  • 1969

Historically, who in the Spivey's Corner region would holler?

  • Native Americans
  • soldiers in the Confederate Army
  • slaves working on rafts

How many types of hollers does the National Hollerin' Contest feature?

  • four
  • five
  • six

Who can participate in the contest?

  • women only
  • adults only
  • men only

When did the Boreyong Mud Festival begin?

  • 1988
  • 1998
  • 2008

How many people usually participate in the Boreyong Mud Festival?

  • 100000
  • 1000000
  • 1500000

What minerals is the mud in the Boreyong area rich in?

  • magnesium and selenium
  • calcium and magnesium
  • germanium and bentonite

In what town is Mike the Headless Chicken Festival held?

  • Fruita, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Eastridge, Colorado

How long did Mike the Headless Chicken live for, after he was decapitated?

  • six months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months

Why was Mike the Headless Chicken able to survive decapitation?

  • His brain stem was still intact.
  • He was a supernatural being.
  • It is a scientific mystery.

What is the main event at the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival?

  • decapitation of 100 chickens
  • a five-mile "Run like a Headless Chicken" race
  • "Chicken Soup for the Soul" story competition

What does the "Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme" mean in English?

  • Festival of Near Death Experiences
  • Festival of the Reborn
  • Festival of Saint Martha de Ribart

Who was Santa Marta (or Saint Martha)?

  • A medieval woman, condemned a witch, whose body was not consumed by flames when she was burned at the stake.
  • A medieval nun who had a near death experience.
  • Lazarus's sister, who Jesus revived.

What is a common theme in all the stories of near brushes with death?

  • bright lights
  • screams of terror
  • feelings of peacefulness and serenity

What are the colloquial terms for bulls testicles?

  • Rocky Mountain oysters and Montana tendergroin
  • Montana golden balls and tenderloins
  • Montana oysters and Rocky Mountain tendergroin

What is the cost of the cheapest sampler plate at the Testicle Festival?

  • $ 5
  • $ 10
  • $ 15

How many pounds of testicles are usually consumed at the festival?

  • 2,000 pounds (909.1 kilograms)
  • 4,000 pounds (1 814 kilograms)
  • 8,000 pounds (3636.4 kilograms)

How many testicle-eating participants does the festival usually draw?

  • 10000
  • 20000
  • 30000

Where can you stay at the festival?

  • A school is converted into a dormitory for the duration of the festival.
  • There is a Hilton nearby.
  • You can stay for free at a nearby camp ground.