The Ultimate Wall Fountain Quiz
by Staff
Gentle cascades of water from a wall fountain may just may soothe away all of your stresses. A wall fountain is a compact, electrically powered apparatus that can fit into any home or office décor. Take our quiz and gurgle with excitement over wall fountain ideas.

What does it mean if you hear your water pump "humming"?

  • Your pump may have a problem.
  • Pumps are noisy.
  • You purchased a poor quality pump.

How high should the water level be for the pump to operate best?

  • below the pump
  • above the pump
  • does not matter

Where can you see a grandiose water fountain?

  • Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg
  • Versailles in France
  • both answers

In a wall fountain, in what direction does the water move?

  • shoot up
  • cascade down
  • spray

What is the most affordable material for building wall fountains?

  • resin
  • fiberglass
  • stone

What is the most expensive material for building wall fountains?

  • resin
  • fiberglass
  • stone

What is the best design choice for a wall fountain?

  • modern
  • classic
  • any design

What determines the noise level?

  • amount of water in the reservoir
  • price of fountain
  • quality of fountain

Where is the pump located?

  • in the reservoir
  • behind the wall
  • above the wall

What is an impeller?

  • small wheel with blades
  • a pump
  • a chain

Why must you locate a stud before hanging a wall fountain?

  • Most fountains are too heavy to hang on sheetrock.
  • The installation will be easier.
  • The installation will look nicer.

What is an easy way to find a wall stud?

  • Use a stud finder .
  • Knock on the wall to find a solid place.
  • Measure from the wall edge.

What type of water should you use to fill the reservoir?

  • spring water
  • tap water
  • distilled water

How often should you refill the wall fountain?

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly

What will happen if the water level is too low?

  • strain the pump
  • make noise
  • splash water

How much does a new pump cost?

  • less than $50
  • more than $50
  • more than $100

How often should you clean the wall fountain?

  • one to two months
  • four to six months
  • nine to 12 months

Why should you clean the fountain with a non-toxic material instead of bleach?

  • non-toxic to pets
  • easier on the finish
  • both answers

How do wall fountains benefit your skin and breathing?

  • humidify the air
  • dehumidify the air
  • decrease stress

What is an alternative to a wall fountain?

  • floor fountain
  • table fountain
  • both