The Ultimate Wallcovering Tips and Tricks Quiz
by Staff
Are you thinking of renovating or redecorating your house? If so, you are probably considering how you might repaint or redesign your walls. Wall color and texture can add a lot to a room and helps to highlight features of the room. Takes this quiz to learn about the do's and don'ts of wall covering.

If you are repainting a wall, what do you need to do before you start painting?

  • Wash your hands.
  • Peal off the old paint.
  • Prime the walls.

What may change the way the paint appears on the wall compared to how it looked on the swatch?

  • lighting
  • temperature
  • humidity

How can you avoid being disappointed with the color outcome?

  • Lower your hopes.
  • Use a test board.
  • Paint each wall a different shade so that one wall will work out ok.

What is a good way to test if the various colors in the room will match?

  • Paint and hope for the best.
  • Ask an interior decorator.
  • Get swatches of all the colors and materials in the room.

What color gives a sense of space?

  • black
  • white
  • red

What can you use to help create the right light at any time of day?

  • dimmer lights
  • spotlights
  • recess lights

What colors are recommended for a room that receives lots of sunlight?

  • warm colors
  • neutral colors
  • cool colors

If you have a plain-colored fireplace in the room, how might you emphasize it?

  • Paint neutral colors around it.
  • Paint over it in another color.
  • Paint a contrasting color around it.

Why should you avoid striped wallpaper?

  • It emphasizes crooked ceilings and corners.
  • It makes people dizzy.
  • It makes the room look claustrophobic.

If you want to make the room look bigger with your wallpaper design, what sort of pattern should you choose?

  • a big pattern
  • a smaller pattern
  • a geometric pattern