The Ultimate Walleye River Fishing Quiz
by Staff
Although walleye can be fished all year, the best time is in the spring when they become more active and hungry. Prepare yourself for a great angling adventure by taking this quiz.

When is the best time for walleye river fishing?

  • fall
  • summer
  • spring

Would you consider walleye fishing a lazy, relaxing experience?

  • Of course. Why else would you go fishing?
  • Not at all. It's a hunt.
  • To some extent. You bait your hook then nod off until a bite wakes you.

What is the largest recorded walleye caught in Minnesota?

  • 17 pounds, 8 ounces
  • 19 pounds, 3 ounces
  • 21 pounds, 2 ounces

What is common to yellow pickerel, yellow pike and pike-perch?

  • walleye prey
  • walleye
  • walleye predators

To catch walleye, is it necessary to use live bait?

  • Yes, if you want to catch anything.
  • Walleye prefer any simple, dark, noisy plastic lure.
  • A good lure can be very effective.

What is the key to catching walleye?

  • using the right rod and reel
  • using salamanders as bait
  • using something that appears alive

What lure would you use for trolling from a moving boat?

  • spinner rig
  • crankbait
  • jig

Once you reach deep or rough water, would you try a different lure?

  • The spinner is best for all waters.
  • Use a slip-bobber.
  • In rough water you have to use live bait to attract walleye.

What lure allows you the most control of the movements of your lure?

  • topwater
  • jerkbait
  • leadhead jig

How severe are penalties for not observing fishing regulations in Idaho?

  • Walleye fishing is not regulated.
  • Heavy fines are imposed.
  • There is a $50 fine per fish above the seasonal quota.

If the fish you've caught has spots on its dorsal fins, but no spot on the bottom of the tail, what have you got?

  • perch
  • pike
  • sauger

How can you tell if you've caught a walleye?

  • white spot at top of the tail
  • dark patch at the bottom of the dorsal fin
  • white spot on dorsal fin

Is it worthwhile to fish downstream from protected areas?

  • It's a good place to start.
  • It's not legal in most states to fish near protected areas.
  • Fish usually move far away from protected areas.

What areas should you try in the morning?

  • shallow waters
  • warmer waters
  • deep holes

When is the best time to try riffles?

  • evening
  • noon
  • overcast weather

How should you use live bait on a jig?

  • up-and-down motion
  • side-to-side movement
  • floating in circles

When trolling how should your boat travel?

  • with the current
  • across the current
  • against the current

When is it hardest to catch walleye?

  • fall
  • winter
  • summer

Why do walleye prefer to eat at dawn or dusk?

  • The fish they prey on are usually slower at dawn or dusk.
  • They sleep in the day and so their hunting is at dawn or dusk.
  • They have good night vision.

When is the best time to try for a trophy fish?

  • fall
  • spring
  • summer