The Ultimate Walleye Spawning Quiz
by Staff
As the warm spring sunshine thaws the rivers and lakes, the walleye begin their annual migration to their spawning grounds. Take this quiz and join us in observing the walleye spawn.

What is the state fish of South Dakota?

  • rainbow trout
  • salmon
  • walleye

Where is the walleye most prized?

  • Minnesota
  • South Dakota
  • North Carolina

When is the best opportunity for catching walleye?

  • before the spawn
  • during the spawn
  • after the spawn

What determines the spawning season?

  • season
  • availability of food
  • water temperature

What time of day do the walleye prefer to spawn?

  • night
  • early morning
  • late afternoon

Where do the walleye spend the winter?

  • in the shallow water
  • in the deep water
  • drifting with the river currents

Who reaches the spawning grounds first?

  • males
  • females
  • older, more experienced females

How long can it take for the other partners to arrive?

  • a week
  • two weeks
  • four weeks

What determines the pace of the spawn?

  • the pace at which the waters are warmed
  • the pace at which the eggs are laid
  • the ability of the male to produce seminal fluid

What is considered the ideal water temperature for a successful spawning?

  • 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 degrees Celsius)
  • 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.7 degrees Celsius)
  • 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius)

Where is the spawning process more rapid?

  • lakes
  • reservoirs
  • riverbeds

What can postpone spawning?

  • lack of food
  • cold spell
  • predators in the vicinity

What happens if a female has already deposited her eggs and there is an extended cold spell?

  • The female will stay and keep the eggs warm.
  • The female will move on and wait for the next egg cycle.
  • The female may reabsorb the eggs.

How long is the total spawning process?

  • two hours
  • four hours
  • six hours

What type of terrain offers protection from predators?

  • smooth gravel
  • underwater plants
  • rocky surfaces

What is the effect of waves on the eggs?

  • mild waves are good
  • deep cool waters are best
  • even mild waves disturb the eggs

Why do some walleye spawn in lakes and reservoirs, while other members of the school spawn in rivers and tributaries?

  • stronger walleye move further upstream
  • protection from disaster in one particular area
  • personal preference

Where does an earlier spawn occur?

  • reservoirs
  • lagoons
  • streams

Where do female walleye spend most of their time?

  • shallow water scouting for good spawning locations
  • resting in deep water
  • upstream assessing availability of food and male partners

When do seasoned walleye fishermen prefer to fish?

  • at night
  • early morning
  • afternoon