The Ultimate Washing and Drying with Steam Quiz
by Staff
Probably the only time you've ever paid attention to steam is when it burned your nose as you sipped your morning cup of joe. But interestingly enough, steam is an incredibly versatile creation, and is able to efficiently clean, deodorize and sanitize. Take our quiz and learn how to take advantage of the seemingly simple steam.

What is steam?

  • the gaseous state of water
  • a mixture of hydrogen and carbon dioxide
  • liquid gas particles caused by combustion

What is a unique characteristic of steam?

  • Because of the high temperatures it reaches, it should combust, but it does not.
  • Even though theoretically it should be poisonous, it is not.
  • It is penetrating and gentle at the same time.

What temperature does steam reach?

  • boiling point
  • above boiling point
  • just below boiling point

What will happen if you put dry clothes in a steam dryer?

  • They will shrink.
  • They will remain wet, but lose their wrinkles.
  • They will become wet, then dry.

What does steam do at the post-wash phase of a washing machine cycle?

  • It dries the clothing.
  • It sterilizes and softens the clothes.
  • It removes the excess detergent.

How do steam washing machines apply steam to the load of laundry?

  • They heat the water in the tub, or create steam in a separate compartment and apply it through a nozzle.
  • In spurts at three minute intervals.
  • They heat the water to steaming point at the beginning and end of the wash cycle.

Which brand of washing machine offers an "Allergiene" wash cycle?

  • Maytag
  • LG
  • Samsung

What is an advantage of a steam washer over a regular washer?

  • It cleans the clothes without laundry detergent.
  • It is more energy efficient.
  • It is cheaper to purchase.

What type of detergent does a steam washer use?

  • high-efficiency detergent
  • soap flakes
  • regular detergent

How do conventional dryers dry clothes?

  • They apply heat to evaporate the moisture in wet clothes.
  • They rub the clothes together, creating friction.
  • They use vacuums so suck out the moisture from the clothes.

What is an advantage of a steam dryer over a regular dryer?

  • They are cheaper to purchase.
  • They can also reduce the wrinkles in clothes.
  • They are more durable than regular dryers.

What does the SteamFresh cycle on a dryer do?

  • Adds extra steam to the cycle.
  • Irons the garment.
  • Deodorizes a garment.

How do Maytag models release steam?

  • through a mist
  • in bursts
  • through a steam generator

With which type of steam are water droplets visible?

  • dry steam
  • wet steam
  • hot steam

What is a quick and easy way to get out of ironing a garment?

  • Wear it wrinkled; your body hear will smooth it out.
  • Wash it in hot water instead of cold.
  • Hang it up in a steamy shower.