The Ultimate Water Filter Quiz
by Staff
A water filter is a life saver when safe drinking water is unavailable. The health consequences of drinking untreated water can be severe. Water filters are also a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option for obtaining clean water than bottled water. Take this quiz to learn more about water filters.

What type of water filter is the easiest to use to treat water for drinking?

  • portable water filter
  • membrane water filter
  • plastic water filter

How do water filters work?

  • They kill harmful things in normal water with radiation.
  • They filter out harmful microscopic organisms from normal water.
  • They remove the bad taste from normal water with additives.

Which one among these diseases does not spread through contaminated water supply?

  • botulism
  • dysentery
  • bronchitis

Which among these is a disease caused by contaminated water?

  • jaundice
  • heart disease
  • Alzheimer's disease

Which of these is a type of bug that lives in fresh water supplies?

  • spider
  • giardiasis
  • h1n1

What determines the effectiveness of the water filter?

  • filtering efficiency
  • operating efficiency
  • pore-size efficiency

What pore-size efficiency in water filters is suitable for camping?

  • 0.4 microns
  • 0.6 microns
  • 0.8 microns

What is the size of one micron?

  • 1/500 of a millimeter.
  • 1/1,000 of a millimeter.
  • 1/2,000 of a millimeter.

What is the ideal micron size you need to remove bacteria from water?

  • less than 0.8 microns.
  • less than 0.6 microns.
  • Less than 0.4 microns.

What do we call the part of the water filter from where the filtered water exits?

  • filter outlet
  • filter tap
  • filter hose

What is the ideal type of water filter to carry when traveling with young people?

  • composite filter
  • separate hand filter
  • hydraulic filter

What is the simplest type of portable water filter?

  • thermos filter
  • bucket filter
  • bottle filter

What type of filter is ideal to use while camping in the wilderness?

  • a filter for bacteria, protozoa and parasites
  • a filter that is affordable
  • a filter that runs on solar power

What type of water filter uses iodine filtering?

  • water filters contained in bottles
  • water filters that are equipped to kill viruses
  • water filters that remove inorganic impurities

What additive can you use to neutralize the flavor of iodine after filtering out viruses?

  • alcohol
  • tang
  • ascorbic acid

What is the ideal flow rate in water filters?

  • one liter per minute
  • two liters per minute
  • three liters per minute

What is the first sign that your water filter may need some maintenance?

  • It does not switch on.
  • It becomes difficult to pump.
  • It becomes sluggish.

On average, how much water can you filter before your water filter needs to be changed?

  • 300 gallons
  • 200 gallons
  • 100 gallons

What can you use to keep large debris from entering the water filter?

  • pre-filter
  • wire mesh
  • strainer

Which among these is also used to purify water?

  • sunlight
  • ultraviolet light
  • neon light