The Ultimate Water Slide Quiz
by Staff
It's a toss up between which is more fun: a roller coaster or a water slide. They both have breathtaking ascents and hair-raising descents. In fact, a water slide is essentially a roller coaster, just without the safety harness or train seat and with the addition of a little bit of the cold and wet stuff. Want to understand the mechanisms behind these thrilling rides? Take our quiz and get to know all the behind-the-scenes information.

How many water parks are there in America?

  • 15
  • 500
  • 1000

What force powers a water slide?

  • gravity
  • water
  • a combination of air pressure and water

What does the fact that potential energy increases as you climb the stairs of a water slide actually mean?

  • The speed at which you will descend increases.
  • The higher you climb, the further you have to come down.
  • The higher you climb in the atmosphere, the more energy particles there are in the air.

What is kinetic energy?

  • energy of motion
  • the energy generated by the water lubricating the waterslide
  • the speed at which you descend the slide

Which has more potential energy to work with?

  • a short slide
  • a tall slide
  • a curvy slide

How tall is the tallest free fall water slide?

  • 50 feet (15 meters)
  • 80 feet (24 meters)
  • 120 feet (37 meters)

Where is the tallest raft water slide located?

  • Florida
  • Los Angeles
  • Brazil

What is the function of the water streaming down a water slide?

  • To make the slide more fun.
  • To prevent people from going into shock from the cold water of the swimming pool they land in.
  • To lubricate the slide.

What is a water slide's relationship with gravity?

  • It works with gravity.
  • It works against gravity.
  • It works for gravity.

On a slide, what is it that slows you down so that you don't shoot off into the crowd of people waiting in line to slide?

  • the plastic sides of the slide
  • the water
  • the exit flume and bumps and dips

On a speed and sled slide, how do you move forward?

  • in a straight line
  • at a downward angle
  • in a zig zag

On a serpentine slide, what is the slide working against?

  • kinetic energy
  • gravity
  • gravity and inertia

What material is a water slide usually made out of?

  • fiberglass
  • plastic
  • aluminum

How are fiberglass segments fitted together?

  • They are cemented together.
  • They are designed to click into each other; they don't need additional material.
  • They are fastened together with heavy duty bolts.

Why are the some sections of a water slide completely enclosed?

  • so that no-one will fly off the slide
  • for added sun protection
  • to create a spooky atmosphere

What are the fiberglass tubes of a water slide held up by?

  • concrete pillars
  • wooden blocks
  • steel girders

How do water parks get a stream of water up to the top of the water slide?

  • via a valve
  • via a pump
  • via hoses and taps concealed at the top of each slide

What type of valve is inside the water pipe?

  • solenoid valve
  • two way valve
  • one way valve

How do water parks keep the water slides sanitary?

  • They use extra strength chlorine in the water.
  • They change the water frequently.
  • They use a water filter.

What is a water-coaster?

  • A water slide in which you sit on rafts.
  • A water slide that uses gravity to push you downward and water power to push you upward.
  • The European name for a waters slide.