Tech Talk: Web 3.0 Quiz
by Staff
Do you remember when Web pages were in basic HTML and there was no such thing as online social networking? Things have changed fast, but do you know where the Web is going now? Take our Web 3.0 Quiz to learn about the future of web technology.

Where did the idea to number the different generations of the Web come from?

  • from the generations of the software and protocols the Web needs to run properly
  • from a brainstorm session for a media conference
  • from Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web

What's another name some people use for Web 3.0?

  • the Semantic Web
  • the InterWebs
  • WiMax

What does API stand for?

  • automatic platform information
  • application programming interface
  • analogue partition ideology

The Internet has been around for a few decades, but when was the Web invented?

  • 1992
  • 1990
  • 1989

In respect to the Web, what is an ontology?

  • a database of information that defines relationships between different terms
  • a history file that keeps track of the evolution of a Web site
  • a metaphysical comment on existence

What is metadata?

  • the information dating Web sites use to help people meet their soul mates
  • the code Web page designers use to build Web sites
  • invisible information that describes a Web page to computers

What is the term for large groups of computers working together to solve problems?

  • virtual private networks
  • parallel processing
  • distributed computing

What does it mean when we say that Web 3.0 will be contextual?

  • Your Internet experience will vary depending on from where you access the Web.
  • Search engines will understand the meaning of a phrase or key word.
  • Browsers will be in 3-D.

If the Web 1.0 experience is like going to a library and the Web 2.0 experience is like talking with a group of friends, what will the Web 3.0 experience be like?

  • having a personal assistant
  • going to class in a university lecture hall
  • going to a movie theater with every film and television show available to watch any time you like

How will Web 3.0 profiles affect the browsing experience for users?

  • No two people will have the same browsing experience.
  • It won't affect the experience at all -- everything happens on the back end.
  • Niche Web sites will lose traffic and will eventually fade away, leaving only a few monopolies on the Web.