Tech Talk: Web Page Quiz
by Staff
Millions of us visit Web pages every single day. Whether it's to check e-mail, check the news or read our friends' blogs, Web pages are the integral part of the Internet. But how exactly does a Web page work?

What is a markup language?

  • Numbers that respond to a browser's request for a Web page
  • The combination of letters and numbers that make up the address displayed on the top of your browser.
  • A computer language that describes how text should be formatted on your browser

What does a Web browser do?

  • Requests, interprets and displays Web pages
  • Works as a tool to design Web pages
  • Delivers Web pages

What is a Web server?

  • Special code that tells a browser how to display text
  • Software that responds to a browser's request
  • A human that keeps up with Web surfers' constant demands by manually sending Web sites back to browsers

An HTML tag is:

  • A bit of code that tells a Web browser what to do with text
  • The link you click on when you want to go to another Web page
  • A special badge Web developers wear

Which of the following is not a program used to create Web pages?

  • Notepad
  • Adobe AIR
  • SimpleText

What keystroke is used to close an HTML tag?

  • A quote mark (")
  • A backward slash (&#92)
  • A forward slash (/)

What does the <br> tag do?

  • Creates a break between one line and another
  • Turns the color of text brown
  • Breaks text into rows

What's one way to indent text in HTML?

  • Use the <p> tag
  • Use the "Tab" button on your keyboard in your simple text file
  • Use five   codes before the text you want to indent

How do you create a link on a Web page?

  • Use <link> around the URL
  • Use an anchor tag
  • Write the Web site's URL out in the simple text file, without any tags

How do you add an image to a Web page?

  • Use the <img src> tag
  • Use the <img> tag
  • Insert the desired image into the simple text file