Tech Talk: Web Server Quiz
by Staff
Without web servers, there wouldn't be an Internet. Do you know how web servers work to get you online? Take this quiz and find out.

What does the acronym URL stand for?

  • unknown reference location
  • uniform resource locator
  • unfamiliar rodent lounge

What is the common term for the core infrastructure of the Internet?

  • backbone
  • master control program (MCP)
  • the matrix

The series of numbers representing a Web address are better known as what?

  • URL
  • IP address
  • HTTP

What are the four numbers in an IP address commonly called?

  • complex numbers
  • rational numbers
  • octets

What is the command on a Unix machine to see a machine's current IP address?

  • ifconfig
  • ipretrieve

What kind of servers make it possible to create Web addresses using words instead of numbers?

  • FTP servers
  • domain name servers
  • XML servers

What are the three parts of a Web site's address?

  • host name, folder name, subfolder name
  • domain name, subdomain name, machine address
  • host name, domain name, top-level domain name

What do server machines use to designate each of their services?

  • routers
  • ports
  • hubs

What's the term for the security measure that hides the identity of sensitive information sent across Web servers?

  • distortion
  • ciphers
  • encryption

What is the term for a machine that contacts a server for information?

  • client
  • master
  • host