Wedding Etiquette Quiz
by Staff
Remember: An invitation is never an obligation -- but once you accept, you better play by the rules. Take this Wedding Etiquette Quiz to remain respectful on the big day.

Let's start before the big day -- the second big day. What's an appropriate thing to ask about someone's new engagement ring?

  • "Did you help pick it out?"
  • "Did a small child from a developing nation mine it?"
  • "Is it real?"

Engagement parties are:

  • strictly for family
  • only for close friends
  • not a gift-giving occasion

If you'd like to have no children at your wedding, advise guests by:

  • printing it on the invitation
  • calling them individually
  • addressing the invitation only to the adults

Wedding invitation envelopes should be addressed:

  • by hand
  • in stylized calligraphy
  • in all caps

If you've been in someone else's wedding:

  • It's only polite to ask them to be in yours.
  • You have to ask them, if they're related to you or your spouse.
  • There's no obligation to ask them to be in your wedding party.

If asked to be the best man/maid of honor:

  • You must accept.
  • You can decline.
  • bargain

The bride should be walked down the aisle by:

  • her father
  • her brother or uncle if her father isn't present
  • whoever the heck she wants

In traditional ceremony seating, the parents of the bride are:

  • seated on the right, facing where the ceremony will be held
  • seated on the left
  • seated wherever they want

Is a receiving line necessary?

  • no
  • yes
  • only if the wedding is small

If stepparents and parents are involved, who should dance with whom when?

  • whatever works
  • first the bride and her dad, then stepdad, then the groom and his mom, then stepmom
  • only the "real" parents

At the rehearsal dinner, traditionally toasts are given by:

  • the father of the groom
  • the mother of the bride
  • your drunk uncle

Who traditionally toasts first at the wedding?

  • the father of the bride
  • the best man
  • the maid of honor

As a guest, taking pictures during the wedding:

  • totally cool
  • mandatory
  • should be refrained from

You should spend how much on a wedding gift?

  • a month's salary
  • a half-week's salary
  • whatever you want

Do rehearsal dinners have to require plus ones?

  • yes
  • no
  • only for those in the wedding party

Include registry information:

  • on the wedding invitation
  • only on shower invitations
  • when people inquire

Traditionally, who was NOT supposed to host a bridal shower?

  • the maid of honor
  • the bride's family
  • the groom's family

You've been invited to multiple showers for the bride or groom. Do you have to bring a gift every time?

  • yes
  • no
  • if you're in the wedding party

When writing thank-you notes:

  • mention the gift
  • don't mention the gift
  • don't mention the war

Thank-you notes should be written by:

  • the person who paid for the wedding
  • the couple
  • either member of the couple

Thank-you notes must be written:

  • within a year
  • within three months
  • within a week

Wedding guests should not wear:

  • white
  • a wedding dress
  • flip flops

Changing your relationship status to engaged or married is:

  • polite
  • not a big deal
  • tacky

The bouquet toss must include:

  • all women
  • all single women
  • the bouquet toss requires nothing

Plus ones at a wedding:

  • should be limited to those in a committed relationship
  • is for anyone who is single
  • must be screened first by the engaged couple

Giving cash as a wedding gift is:

  • extremely rude
  • always welcome
  • totally acceptable in lots of cultures and situations

The parents of both the bride and groom should meet:

  • before the engagement
  • after the engagement
  • the day of the wedding

Who would you generally tell first about an engagement?

  • your parents
  • children from a previous marriage
  • your dozens of loyal subscribers on YouTube

Out-of-town guests:

  • must have hotel rooms paid for
  • must be invited to the rehearsal dinner
  • are simply guests, and don't need special attention

Should you send an invite to someone you know can't make it?

  • yes
  • no
  • depends