The Weight Loss Myth Quiz
by Staff
Are you just positive that eating breakfast keeps you fit? Or that not watching TV will keep a kid skinny into adulthood? Better take our Weight Loss Myths quiz to keep your facts (and calories) in check.

Let's jump right in: What's a nutritionally healthy way to lose weight?

  • eating only protein
  • adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to your morning coffee
  • eating a diverse array of produce, carbs and protein while maintaining a caloric burn

What's the best way to lose weight if you're obese?

  • very slowly
  • quickly
  • neither one is ideal

Skipping breakfast is associated with:

  • obesity
  • a lower BMI
  • feelings of despondency

When is the worst time to eat a lot of calories?

  • after dinner
  • before bed
  • There's no clear answer to whether weight gain is tied to time of caloric intake.

The Body Mass Index is:

  • wildly inaccurate
  • accurate for a vast majority
  • only accurate for tall people

If you really want to lose weight, do this:

  • exercise way more
  • exercise a little more
  • eat fewer calories

If you're obese, setting a realistic weight loss goal is going to contribute to more weight loss.

  • Yup!
  • Nope.
  • It depends on if you're eating gluten or not.

What is exercise good for, if not always weight loss?

  • maintaining weight loss
  • building thigh muscles
  • burning tummy fat fast

What foods speed up your metabolism?

  • grapefruit
  • blueberries
  • you wish

How can you help protect against lifelong obesity, according to one weight loss myth?

  • start an exercise program by age 6
  • avoid processed sugar for any child under the age of 15
  • breastfeed your infant

How do genes play a role in the rise of obesity?

  • They don't; it's societal.
  • People predisposed to higher BMIs might be choosing partners that have the same predisposition.
  • The gene that causes obesity is contagious.

You'll lose more weight if you don't weigh yourself daily.

  • Absolutely; you'll obsess less.
  • Perhaps, if you make sure to weigh yourself weekly.
  • Several studies show that daily self-weighing helps people lose weight and maintain weight loss.

The weight loss plateau is a result of:

  • a slow creep of eating more calories than you realize
  • your metabolism slowing
  • your body getting used to fewer calories

An important factor in weight loss is if you're ready and committed to change.

  • Sure.
  • Definitely not.
  • Um, how do you measure commitment to change again?

Drinking water helps you lose weight by:

  • You might confuse thirst for hunger, so drinking could help you avoid eating when you're not hungry.
  • keeping your metabolism high
  • it won't at all

The Freshman Fifteen is:

  • a real phenomenon particular to college students
  • true for young adults in general, including those who don't attend college
  • baseless

You can obese and still be healthy.

  • Sure, depending on how your fat is distributed.
  • No, too much fat is too much fat.
  • Yes, if you're exercising and eating right.

One way to reduce the BMI of the nation's children is to:

  • promote more physical education classes
  • serve less carbs at lunch
  • neither

What is one way television has been shown to increase food consumption?

  • Lack of physical activity leads to more snacking.
  • Food advertisements lead to eating more.
  • It hasn't.

Having more parks and sidewalks leads to less obesity.

  • Of course! More people walk and get exercise.
  • Maybe? More exercise doesn't necessarily mean weight loss.
  • Nope. Doesn’t matter at all.

What is one food group that should be avoided when it comes to weight loss?

  • grains
  • dairy
  • neither

One way to fight childhood obesity is to limit food deserts.

  • No; there's no evidence that food deserts actually cause obesity in adolescence.
  • Yes; food deserts limit children's food choices and lead to obesity.
  • Yes; food deserts lead to obesity because there is only fast food and no supermarkets.

What does the Alkaline Diet promise?

  • that more milk will make you healthier
  • that more fruits and vegetables will make you feel better
  • less acidic foods cause less disease

Snacking leads to:

  • weight gain
  • obesity
  • neither

What's a reason that cleanses are discouraged from a weight loss perspective?

  • They don't taste good enough to sustain.
  • The lack of caloric energy can backfire, causing you to gain weight when you eat like a normal human again.
  • They don't have enough fiber.

What's a good way to use fruits and vegetables to lose weight?

  • substitute them for other foods
  • eat more of them
  • Nothing about eating fruits and vegetables makes you lose weight.

Which hormone comes up every once in a while as a great weight loss supplement?

  • hCG, found in pregnant women
  • testosterone
  • estrogen

What is the risk of yo-yo dieting?

  • death
  • not losing weight
  • neither

How do you avoid gaining weight in the long run?

  • eating well and exercising consistently
  • upping your exercise or reducing calories as you age
  • cutting out sugar

What early 20th century diet myth did folks subscribe to?

  • the peanut diet
  • excessive chewing
  • using only a knife as a utensil