An Unkindness of Ravens: Weird Animal Groups Quiz
by Staff
A litter of puppies — that's an easy one. So is a pack of wolves. You probably also know that fish travel in schools. But when it comes to animal collectives, some gatherings can get pretty strange.

When a group of jays gets together, it's a ____.

  • a charm
  • a gulp
  • a party

Otters, known to be playful by nature, are called what when they're in a group?

  • a romp
  • a zeal
  • an implausibility

What is a group of ladybugs is called?

  • a congregation
  • a conspiracy
  • a loveliness

Which of the following describes a group of jellyfish?

  • a bloom
  • a fluther
  • a smack
  • all of these
  • none of these

Flamingos live in large flocks. What is a group of them called?

  • a flamboyance
  • a pat
  • a stand
  • all of these

What is the name of a group of scorpions?

  • a cyclone
  • a clowder
  • a gang

True or false: A barrel of monkeys is a group of monkeys, not just a game name.

  • true
  • false

What do beavers and sardines have in common?

  • In groups, each is known as a "den."
  • In groups, each is known as a "family."
  • In groups, each is known as a "spring."

A "cackle" is a group of ____.

  • eels
  • hyenas
  • turkeys

An "intrigue" of kittens becomes a ____ of cats.

  • clowder
  • glaring
  • pounce
  • all of these
  • none of these

A group of rattlesnakes shares the same name as which style of dance?

  • mambo
  • rhumba
  • tango

What is a group of cockroaches called?

  • an intrusion
  • an invasion
  • a scourge

A "scourge" is a group of which pest?

  • house flies
  • mosquitoes
  • termites

Which is the name for a group of crows?

  • an exaltation
  • a murder
  • a shiver

A gathering of which big cat is called an "ambush"?

  • cheetah
  • cougar
  • tiger

Which is NOT a name for a gathering of zebras?

  • dazzle
  • wisdom
  • zeal

A "cauldron" is a gathering of ____.

  • bats
  • salamanders
  • sparrows

A "risk" is a group of what type of invertebrate?

  • crabs
  • lobsters
  • snails

A group of oysters is known as a "bed," but so is a group of clams. A group of what else is called a "bed"?

  • eels
  • scorpions
  • snakes
  • all of these

Which cephalopods are known as an "audience"?

  • cuttlefish
  • octopuses
  • squid
  • all of the above

A "skein" is a wound ball of yarn, and it's also a group of which animals in flight?

  • herons
  • hawks
  • geese

A group of ____ is called a "sloth."

  • bears
  • sloths
  • squirrels

True or false: When grouped together, hippopotamuses are called a "bloat."

  • true
  • false

Often considered a pest, a gathering of these birds is called an "affliction."

  • crows
  • pigeon
  • starlings

____ gather in colonies.

  • ants
  • beavers
  • frogs
  • penguins
  • all of these
  • none of these

What is a "spot" of leopards is also called?

  • a cry
  • a leap
  • a pack

Is it a "float" of alligators and a "congregation" of crocodiles or the other way around?

  • A "float of alligators and a "congregation" of crocodiles is correct.
  • A "float" of crocodiles and a "congregation" of alligators is correct.
  • Neither of these is correct.

When gathered together, which is NOT known as a "troop"?

  • baboons
  • buffalo
  • kangaroos
  • kangaroos
  • None of these are called "troops."

A group of these is known as an "army"?

  • caterpillars
  • emus
  • wolves

A group of cobras is known as a ____.

  • slithering
  • bask
  • quiver