Family Secrets: Weirdest Holiday Decor Quiz
by Staff
As the holidays approach, some of the decorations that emerge from basements and closets may have you scratching your head. What are the backgrounds behind some of the more bizarre items that you see adorning the homes of your friends and neighbors?

The "jolly old elf," St. Nicholas, is a deeply ingrained part of Christmas tradition. But the Santa Claus character is a very different creature from culture to culture. Which of the following is one of Santa's strangest traditional holiday activities?

  • repairing doors and roofs of thatched houses
  • stealing and eating naughty children
  • planting seeds for apple trees that will sprout in the spring

Which of the following has NOT been made into a Christmas tree ornament?

  • NASCAR great Jeff Gordon
  • Chicago White Sox slugger Ken Griffey Jr.
  • they're both ornaments

What is a presepio?

  • an elaborate Italian nativity scene
  • a Spanish wreath hung over the front door
  • the angel traditionally placed atop a Christmas tree

From which nation does the Christmas Pickle originate?

  • United States
  • Germany
  • It depends on who you ask.

How big is the world's largest holiday light display, and where is it located?

  • 180,000 lights in Milwaukee, WI
  • 750-foot by 90-foot display in Beijing, China
  • more than five city blocks in Hong Kong

Where does Times Square's New Year's Eve ball originate?

  • old timekeeping practices
  • a high-school prank played in 1920 in Poughkeepsie, NY
  • an ancient French tradition to mark the Winter Solstice

Where does the tradition of breaking the Thanksgiving turkey's wishbone come from?

  • Native American lore
  • pre-Roman Italian fortune telling
  • a ritual practiced by early British kings

A number of traditional holiday activities centered around young women's prospects of marriage in the coming year. Which of the following was one of these holiday traditions?

  • cleaning a turkey while blindfolded
  • eavesdropping on neighbors
  • hiding mistletoe under the pillow

How old is the world's oldest edible fruitcake?

  • 25 years old
  • 132 years old
  • 76 years old

Which holiday pastime has turned into a sanctioned sport?

  • competitive dreidel spinning
  • timed tree cutting
  • precision turkey carving

What is a caganer?

  • a tool for un-jamming stuck nutcrackers
  • a hook that allows revelers to hang stockings without damaging the mantle
  • a statue, for nativity scenes, of a pop culture figure defecating