What on Earth did I just eat?
by Staff
Do you have a palate of steel? Are you the kind of person who will order the unfamiliar just so you can say you tried it? Have you ever wondered, "What on earth did I just eat?" Take this quiz to find out what it was.

Traveling in Iceland, you run across a menu item called "hákarl." Wanting to try the local fare, you order it. What did you just eat?

  • salted jellyfish
  • yak tongue
  • fermented shark

While visiting the Philippines, your new friends urge you to try some balut. You tell them, "Sure!" What did you just eat?

  • a duck embryo
  • the stinkiest fruit in the world
  • brains

You're on vacation in Mexico. Since you love tacos, you decide to try out the house special, "taco de chapulines." What did you just eat?

  • grasshoppers
  • intestines
  • raw snails

On a business trip in Asia, your hosts urge you to try the durian. You can smell it a mile away. What did you just eat?

  • raw shark
  • fruit
  • fertilized quail egg

Undeterred by the durian, you decide to try a little of the local delicacy called hasma. What did you just eat?

  • dried lizard feet
  • snake eggs
  • frog's fallopian tubes

In Norway during the holidays, you partake in some traditional dishes, including lutefisk. What did you just eat?

  • dried cod soaked in lye
  • fermented salmon heads
  • calf's head

Is there anything better than authentic Italian food? You go ahead and try the casu marzu. What did you just eat?

  • giant ant caviar
  • maggot-filled cheese
  • boiled brains in jelly

You're at a restaurant in Denver, when the waiter mentions an appetizer called Rocky Mountain oysters. You decide to try it. What did you just eat?

  • freshwater oysters
  • snails
  • bull testicles

While on vacation in England, you're craving something sweet, so you order black pudding at a restaurant. What did you just order?

  • a dark chocolate custard
  • gelatin drizzled with caramel
  • a blend of pork fat and pig's blood

You're visiting a friend in Brooklyn, New York, when she offers you a swig of kombucha, claiming it will prevent hair loss. What did you just drink?

  • a coffee drink brewed from rare Chilean beans
  • a health drink made with black currants
  • a fermented tea brewed from bacteria and yeast

One night in Mexico, your traveling companion tempts you to order the mollejas asada. What did you just eat?

  • stuffed peppers
  • red soup with goat meat and chilies
  • glands of a calf