Quiz: Which food is in season?
by Staff
Global markets have made some strictly seasonal foods available year-round. But are berries really at their prime in the winter? Are pumpkins and apples at their best outside of the autumn months? See whether your knowledge of these foods is on target.

Let's say you want to make a rhubarb pie. You know you'll need to buy a few stalks for the recipe, but which month kicks off this crop's peak for harvest outdoors?

  • December
  • April
  • August

Though apples are produced globally year-round, when are the majority of varieties harvested in the U.S.?

  • in the summer
  • in the fall
  • in the spring

What is a "cold frame"?

  • an outdoor square box that keeps crops cool in the heat of summer
  • an outdoor square box that keeps crops warm during the winter freeze
  • an indoor box that keeps crops cool in the heat of summer

When is it safe to eat shellfish?

  • in months with the letter 'r'
  • in months without the letter 'r'
  • Neither -- toxicity in shellfish depends largely on what the shellfish eat and are exposed to.

Which of the following is NOT a readily available fruit for a hot summer day?

  • apricots
  • strawberries
  • pumpkins

When is the best time of the year to grow peanuts?

  • between April and June
  • between July and September
  • between October and December

What is a popular method used to preserve seasonal foods?

  • freezing
  • canning
  • both, plus many more

Which would NOT make seasonal factors less of a concern for farmers?

  • greenhouses
  • cross-breeding methods
  • climate variability

Ripe fruits and vegetables are at their best when in season. But which fruit shouldn't be eaten at all before it's ripe?

  • Ackee fruits
  • bananas
  • grapes

Growing summer fruits in one place might not be possible in another. What causes the seasonal differences between the Northern and Southern hemispheres?

  • the elliptical orbit of the Earth
  • the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis
  • Earth's proximity to the moon

Which of the following grows best in warm weather?

  • carrots
  • watermelon
  • cabbage

Your morning cup of joe requires more work than you'd think. Which of the following ruins the production of the coffee bean?

  • temperatures greater than 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • partial shade
  • frost

Some crops can survive being grown out of season, but they can fall victim to which of these threats?

  • wet and humid weather, which leaves crops susceptible to disease
  • an increased number of insects
  • Both answers are right.

When are beets NOT typically grown?

  • winter
  • spring
  • summer

Summer is berry-picking season for most, but which fleshy fruit is in its prime at that time, too?

  • the grape
  • the pear
  • the peach

When should most seasonal herbs be planted?

  • in the winter
  • in the spring
  • in the summer

Which small snack food is dormant from November to March?

  • the pistachio nut
  • the mandarin orange
  • the carrot

What's an advantage to eating foods in season?

  • That's when they taste their best.
  • They're cheaper in season.
  • Both are true.

What green vegetable has plenty of flavor during the cold months (unlike most)?

  • spinach
  • kale
  • cabbage

Where's the best place to store ripe tomatoes once you've washed and dried them?

  • in a bowl or basket on the kitchen counter
  • in the refrigerator
  • Neither answer is correct