Who Invented It? The Famous Inventors Quiz
by Staff
Think you can pass our famous inventors quiz? Test your knowledge to see if you know the minds behind the innovations.

Who created the first gasoline-powered car?

  • Karl Benz
  • Henry Ford

Who invented television?

  • Albert and Meyer Bernstein
  • Philo Farnsworth

Who came up with Coca-Cola?

  • Dr. John S. Pemberton
  • Caleb Bradham

Who invented the first commercially successful lightbulb?

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Thomas Edison

Which of these inventors transformed literature and learning with his movable-type printing press?

  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • James Watt

Which of these men invented the game of basketball?

  • Walter Camp
  • James Naismith

Who came up with disposable diapers?

  • Marion Donovan
  • Michael Bay

The cotton gin revolutionized American industry – who invented it?

  • George Washington Carver
  • Eli Whitney

Who invented liquid paper in 1954?

  • Bette Nesmith Graham
  • Laszlo Biro

Who invented the world's first successful airplane?

  • Karl Drais
  • The Wright Brothers