The Ultimate Wicker Quiz
by Staff
Wicker has been evolving since the time of the Egyptian pyramids. Modern day wicker is manufactured from natural and synthetic materials. You may be surprised at the modern use of wicker for eco-friendly coffins. Take this quiz to see how wicker has changed.

When was wicker launched as a widescale industry in the US?

  • 1820s
  • 1840s
  • 1900s

What type of rocking chair did President John F. Kennedy have while in the White House?

  • bentwood
  • wicker
  • maple

From 1865 to 1880, where was most of the wicker furniture used?

  • indoors
  • outdoors
  • formal rooms

What baby item was manufactured in wicker?

  • baby carriages
  • high chairs
  • bassinets

What is wicker?

  • woven furniture
  • plant material
  • wood material

What is the most common material used in wicker?

  • stems
  • reeds
  • leaves

Why are wicker chairs more comfortable than wood?

  • Wicker has give.
  • Wicker is soft.
  • Wicker is cushy.

How can you match wicker to your décor?

  • Wicker may be painted.
  • Wicker has modern style.
  • Wicker has formal style.

How do you clean natural wicker?

  • Dust it.
  • Clean it with Murphy Oil Soap and water
  • both answers

Wicker made of resin or vinyl goes by what name?

  • synthetic
  • man-made
  • both answers

What is an advantage of synthetic wicker?

  • outdoor use
  • authentic
  • more beautiful

How can you make man-made wicker more comfortable and warmer?

  • seat cushions
  • sealants
  • special weaves

What makes fabric suitable for outdoor use?

  • outdoor décor
  • water- and fade-resistant
  • hard to clean

How do you clean synthetic wicker?

  • spray with water
  • bleach cleansers
  • harsh chemicals

What style of wicker is most popular now?

  • Victorian
  • traditional
  • transitional

When purchasing antique wicker, how can you date an item?

  • Manufacturer's labels can indicate specific times.
  • Lightweight wicker indicates older pieces.
  • Ask the dealer for the age of the piece.

What is rattan?

  • banana stem
  • stem of trunk of a climbing palm
  • sea grass

How is natural wicker made to be covered-porch friendly?

  • moisture- and weather-resistant coatings
  • better materials
  • better weavings

How can you take wicker "with you"?

  • wicker coffins
  • wicker clothing
  • wicker shoes

What are eco-friendly burial containers made from?

  • woven willow
  • sea grass or bamboo
  • both answers