Winches Quiz
by Staff
Winches are most often used by tow truck drivers, but other people use them too. Test your knowledge on winches with this quiz at HowStuffWorks.

Which of the following is not a type of winch?

  • Hydraulic
  • Kinetic
  • Electric

When installing a winch on a normal vehicle, what additional part often needs to be purchased?

  • Winch polisher
  • Windshield
  • Bumper
  • Tow bar

What phrase means making sure the wire is tightly spooled on the winch's drum?

  • Winch tightening
  • Post-tensioning the wire
  • Pretensioning the wire
  • Inter-tension wiring

What is the final step in installing a winch?

  • Buying a new bumper
  • Attaching the winch's power source
  • Attaching the winch clasp
  • Pretensioning the wire

What is the most common recreational use of a winch?

  • Rock climbing anchor
  • Attaching point for a zip line
  • Tight rope anchor
  • Off-roading

Which of the following is not a choice that needs to be made when buying a winch?

  • Electric or hydraulic
  • Manual or automatic
  • Cable, wire or chain
  • Stainless steel or lead

Which of the following is not a consideration when buying a winch?

  • Vehicle frame strength
  • Vehicle weight
  • Intended winch use
  • GAWR

What vehicle part typically does not come with the space for a winch?

  • Custom bumper
  • Face plate
  • Stock bumper
  • Grill

When winches get their power from the vehicle's battery, what must be installed along with the winch?

  • Battery adapter
  • Second alternator
  • Accelerator switch
  • Power switch

When installing particularly powerful winches, what is a common approach to providing power?

  • Installing an extra battery
  • Hooking up solar panels
  • Installing rechargeable batteries
  • Hooking it up to the fuse box