The Ultimate Wind Cave National Park Quiz
by Staff
Wind Cave National Park is a wonder of nature, with vast and beautiful caves that extend for miles on end. Covered by grasslands, what lurks beneath the surface is the true gem of this national park. Take this quiz and learn more about this American treasure.

Where is Wind Cave National Park located?

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Minnesota

What can you find in Wind Cave National Park?

  • caves
  • forests
  • both of the above

What kind of wildlife will you see in the park?

  • prairie dogs
  • elk
  • both of the above

What type of accommodation is available at Wind Cave National Park?

  • bed and breakfast
  • hotel
  • campground

The caves in Wind Cave National Park consist of:

  • limestone
  • granite
  • both of the above

The caves in the Wind Cave National Park are up to:

  • 100 feet below ground
  • 300 feet below ground
  • 600 feet below ground

The caves in Wind Cave National Park are:

  • wet
  • dry
  • hot

The caves feel like:

  • they're breathing
  • they're pulsing
  • they're convulsing

Where can you find water in the caves of the park?

  • in the walls
  • in small pools
  • in small waterfalls

The intricate shapes of the limestone walls in the caves are called:

  • popcorn
  • frostwork
  • both of the above

The boxwork cave wall formation is made out of:

  • granite
  • calcium
  • both of the above

Where can you find boxwork formations in the caves?

  • the Post Office chamber
  • the Pearly Gates chamber
  • both of the above

How long is the cave system in the Wind Cave National Park?

  • 50 miles
  • 80 miles
  • 140 miles

What is the Garden of Eden at Wind Cave National Park?

  • a short hike in the forest
  • a short hike in a cave
  • a short horseback ride through grass

Where is the Post Office chamber in the caves located?

  • deep in the lower depths of the caves
  • close to the cave entrance
  • at the end of the cave labyrinth

What will you see at the East Bison Flats?

  • a panoramic view
  • bison
  • the cave entrance

What would you find in South Dakota 350 million years ago?

  • mountains
  • ice
  • water

What bird can you find in the grassland of South Dakota?

  • wild turkeys
  • falcons
  • both of the above

When were the caves in Wind Cave National Park first discovered?

  • in the 1700s
  • in the 1800s
  • in the 1900s

How were the caves created over the millennia?

  • from water seeping through cracks
  • from seismic activity
  • both of the above