The Ultimate Window Dressing Quiz
by Staff
Windows can be so much more that just a way to see the outside. When decorated tastefully they can add charm and character to your home. Take our quiz and learn some interesting ways to dress up your windows.

Which of these statements best defines a stackback?

  • the total length of your window drapes
  • to total width of your window drapes
  • the width of the drapes when retracted

Why do you need to know the stackback of a window drape?

  • to make sure the drapes aren't too expensive
  • to make sure the drapes aren't too long
  • to make sure the drapes don't cover the window when retracted

Which of these statements best describes a traverse rod?

  • a rod with a cord for retracting your drapes
  • a rod that can be made wider by stretching it
  • any rod from which you hang drapes

What sort of feel do traditional drapes promote?

  • formal and dramatic
  • relaxed and informal
  • avant-garde

Traditionally, how long should drapes be?

  • the length of the window
  • four feet
  • floor length

When you think of drapes you think of which of these fabric styles?

  • pleated and lined
  • thin and straight
  • sheer or see-through

How do curtains differ from drapes?

  • Curtains are thin and not lined.
  • Curtains are more expensive than drapes.
  • Curtains are made of wood, metal or vinyl.

What sort of feel do curtains give to a room?

  • formal and dramatic
  • casual and relaxed
  • romantic

What is the function of a rod pocket?

  • to hold the rest of the curtain material
  • to pass the rod through and secure the curtain
  • to store household items

How should you secure curtains for doors?

  • using both rod pockets
  • with nails
  • with tailor's glue

What are café curtains?

  • curtains from France
  • curtains from a coffee shop
  • curtains that only allow light in from the top

How do blinds differ from shades, curtains, and drapes?

  • Blinds can be angled to control how much light gets in.
  • Blinds are better for the environment.
  • Blinds always cost less money than shades, curtains or drapes.

Where should you go to have your shades cut to size?

  • the manufacturer
  • a local hardware store
  • a tailor

Which of these is an example of a material used for making blinds?

  • vinyl
  • Formica
  • aluminum foil

What is the special feature of Roman shades?

  • They come from Italy.
  • They tie at the bottom.
  • They fold upward at the top by way of a cord.

Why should you avoid using wooden blinds in your kitchens and bathrooms?

  • They will mold.
  • They attract bugs.
  • They might warp.

Which of these materials can you use to dye your curtains?

  • apple cider vinegar
  • grape juice
  • acrylic paint

How might you pretty up your windows from the outside?

  • Paint the outside trim.
  • Hang waterproof shades.
  • Paste pretty decorations to the windows.

Which of these projects should you leave to the professionals?

  • hanging your drapes
  • painting upstairs windows
  • retracting your curtains

Which of these technological advancements brings a sense of the modern era to your window treatments?

  • shades that play holiday music
  • shades that get darker in the sunlight
  • remote control shades