The Ultimate Window Insulation Quiz
by Staff
Insulating your home's windows may save you a bundle on your utility bills. Whether you need to warm up or cool down your home, window insulation may be a good idea. Take this quiz to see how much you know about how to insulate windows.

How much heat loss may be caused by insufficient window insulation?

  • 10 to 18 percent
  • 20 to 30 percent
  • 15 to 35 percent

In the Sun Belt, what is the concern for windows insulation?

  • unwanted heat
  • heat loss
  • wind drafts

What is a very low budget method of window insulation?

  • bubble wrap
  • thermal drapes
  • storm windows

If a draft comes from window sills or sashes, what may be an easy solution?

  • weather-stripping
  • storm windows
  • thermal drapes

What installation material is needed to put up insulating bubble wrap?

  • water
  • water based glue
  • double-sided tape

What appliance is needed for the last step in installing plastic insulating film?

  • iron
  • fan
  • hair dryer

How can you get thermal shades without spending too much money?

  • do-it-yourself thermal shades
  • retail thermal shades
  • custom thermal shades

What makes thermal drapes most effective?

  • seal
  • heavy material
  • neither answer

To insulate at the window sash, what must you remove?

  • molding
  • window frame
  • window jamb

What percentage of homes have single-pane windows?

  • 25 percent
  • 35 percent
  • 50 percent

How many ways may heat be lost through the windows?

  • one
  • two
  • four

What is infiltration?

  • Air leaks in or out.
  • Heat passes through the glass.
  • Heat energy flows from a warm object to a cooler object.

What happens when heat passes through window glass?

  • infiltration
  • conduction
  • radiation

What may cause up to 65 percent of the heat loss in your home?

  • radiation
  • infiltration
  • conduction

What type of window claims an R-value of 11?

  • fiberglass
  • single-glazed
  • double-glazed

Most window treatment's primary purpose is:

  • esthetic value
  • thermal value
  • neither answer

Where are the window jambs?

  • window meets the wall
  • behind a molding
  • both answers

What is an inexpensive window insulator?

  • weather stripping
  • plastic sheeting
  • both answers

Thermal shades may keep the heat in, but what do they keep out?

  • daylight
  • view
  • both answers

How does the sun shining on the windows cause the air conditioner to work harder?

  • increase the ambient temperature
  • air conditioner will run more
  • both answers