The Ultimate Window Treatment Quiz
by Staff
Window treatment ideas can be confusing, because there are just so many choices. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about window treatment ideas.

What is the function of window treatments?

  • privacy barrier
  • light control
  • both answers

What type of window treatment may be useful in cold climates?

  • thermal
  • curtains
  • window blinds

For architecturally grand windows, what type of window treatments may look best?

  • overstated window treatments
  • understated window treatments
  • modern style window treatments

How do you choose a window treatment style?

  • Select the window treatment that is functional.
  • Choose a style that will blend with the room's décor.
  • Select whatever you like.

In a bright and bold room, what color window treatments may look best?

  • bright and bold color
  • subtle color
  • contrasting bright color

For a plain room, what type of window treatments may look best?

  • patterned
  • solid
  • sheer

What window treatments may add texture to the décor?

  • wood blinds
  • wood shades
  • both answers

What color window treatments may suggest tranquility?

  • crème
  • black
  • fuchsia

What type of valance looks puffy?

  • scarf
  • upholster
  • balloon

What type of shades filter out the sun but expose the view?

  • translucent
  • privacy
  • thermal

For what window problem should blinds provide a solution?

  • privacy
  • light control
  • both

What room décor style will work with horseshoe-shaped curtain tie-backs?

  • lodge style
  • modern style
  • traditional style

What is the best treatment for irregularly spaced windows?

  • window shades
  • shutters
  • drapes

What style window treatment should be best for traditional décor which includes an antique secretary?

  • modern
  • traditional
  • eclectic

Why do drapery manufactures sometimes put small weights in drape hems?

  • Weights help get drapes to hang just right.
  • Weights prevent drapes from moving in the breeze.
  • Weights help prevent drapes from shrinking.

What are Palladian windows?

  • arched windows
  • paned windows
  • tall and narrow windows

What window treatment is often used to draw attention to a window?

  • sheers
  • valances
  • shades

What are café curtains?

  • short curtains on a rod
  • long curtains on a rod
  • curtains for bedrooms

If you love stenciling around a window, how can you get this look without hiring an artist?

  • paint-it-yourself stencil patterns
  • wall paper
  • stickers

How can a window treatment camouflage a window's imperfections?

  • Use a long drape to cover a short window.
  • Use thin blinds to cover a too-thin window.
  • Use sheer drapes to cover an ugly window.